Years ago, Claire Major requested a weather live shot at the Bogan Fire Station on Laurel Street for what was then identified as “Lollapalooza,” benefiting the Arts Council. Folks in Chicago informed the council the naming of their event was in conflict with a registered trademark. The council changed it to “Laurel Street Palooza.” In August, Chicago’s “Lollapalooza” evacuated for more than two hours due to severe storms. Approximately 60,000 concertgoers were encouraged to proceed to nearby parking garages for shelter while many opted for local “watering holes.” The storm unleashed 1.5 inches of rain in 30 minutes with peak wind gusts at 80 mph. Many communities have enacted outdoor storm precautions since the collapse of a stage in Indiana in 2011 that killed four and injured 40. Fastcast: Showers.