The four police dogs of the Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office — Diesel, Isa, Major and Vickie — now have bulletproof vests, thanks to the national nonprofit organization, Canine Wounded Heroes. 

The vests arrived this week.

"The K-9s won't wear the vests all the time because they might cause the dogs to overheat, but they will wear them anytime they go into a potentially dangerous situation," Sheriff Leland Falcon said in a news release.

The vests are stab-resistant and bulletproof, Falcon said, and will protect dogs that are a priceless asset in police work. 

Canine Wounded Heroes partners with the K9 Tactical Gear company to provide vests to police dogs with law enforcement agencies across the country.

Falcon said the Sheriff's Office had applied to the nonprofit in March to get vests. Each dog was sized for its made-to-order vest that just recently arrived, he said.