Kris Cangelosi’s new show is designed to give local professional dancers a chance to show off.

Even though Cangelosi performs around town all the time, she doesn’t often get the chance to showcase her signature contemporary style.

“I realized that I thought the same thing about other (local dancers),” she says.

The idea behind “Three Minutes or Less” is to let dancers “express who we are and show off our own signature works,” she says.

She decided to limit the show to solos and give everyone three minutes, ensuring that no dancer dominates the stage.

Each of the 11 dancers has a different personality and style of dance, from classical to jazz.

“Everyone has their own background and they are all trained differently,” Cangelosi says.

“Three Minutes or Less” will also be something rare, an intimate professional performance in contrast to the large-scale Nutcracker ballets and student recitals that constitute most local dance shows.

By necessity, the majority of Cangelosi Dance Company performances involve students, but for “Three Minutes or Less,” she limited participation to professional dancers.

Cangelosi has staged local performances with only adult professional dancers four or five times before, but she has never done an all solo show here.

“I participated in shows like this in Atlanta. I spent eight years there and did it six times,” she said.

For the performance, Cangelosi decided that the black box Hartley/Vey Studio Theatre at Manship would be the perfect setting, with just 100 seats and what she calls an “adult” atmosphere.

Even though “Three Minutes or Less” is all solos, it will include a variety of styles and techniques.

The dancers each design their own performance, from choreography and music to costumes.

“Some will have fancy costumes, it depends on their style,” Cangelosi said.

Most of the dancers are from Baton Rouge, including Roxi Victorian, who teaches at Episcopal High School; Sandra Parks, head of dance at LSU; Leonard Augustus, who has been a guest dancer with Of Moving Colors and Theatre Baton Rouge; and Stephanie Faucette, Carrie Tatum and Rebecca Sawyer, dancers with Of Moving Colors.

Others are coming from farther away. Dancer L’Brian Patrick is flying in from Atlanta to participate in the show. Rikki Willis teaches at Morgan Street Dance Company in Broussard and Audra Allen is director of dance at Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts in Natchitoches.

Cangelosi says it’s exciting to get so many professional dancers together for one show.

“It’s going to be fun,” she says.