New Venture Theatre is putting its spin on the comedy musical “Soulful Sounds of Christmas” again this year.

The show, with 28 local dancers and actors, features favorite Motown and Stax Music Christmas songs including “Back Door Santa,” “Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas” and “What Christmas Means to Me.”

“It’s kind of like a crazy, 90-minute show full of adventure ... it really is a hilarious 90-minute, almost cartoonish musical that families would love and have a good time,” director and writer Greg Williams Jr. says.

The troupe has presented different versions of the production in past years. Williams describes it as a Motown-styled “Christmas Carol” with a soulful twist.

This year’s production is centered on two sisters, Ella Mae and Mattie, who win a trip to Disney World during a bingo game on Christmas Eve.

On their way to the airport, they see a family getting kicked out of their house and Ella Mae, known as the do-gooder, cancels her Christmas vacation with her sister to save a family in need. The two sisters and their sly brother, Gilbert, are thrown into a Christmas miracle adventure that gets the entire neighborhood in the spirit of the season.

Williams says he enjoys the holiday show because everyone involved comes together to make sure it’s “the best of the best.”

“We have our best singers of New Venture in the show, and everybody has that holiday cheer. It doesn’t feel like work,” he says.