What gives a girl power and punch? Is it charm, is it poise? No, it’s hairspray!

There’s an age old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Phrases like, “I can’t believe I wore that,” and “one day that style will come back,” are forever stained on old photo albums that are tucked away at the top of closets. Well, Baton Rouge Little Theater says it’s time to embrace your past and welcome back the ‘60s.

The theater wants to see your best ‘60s hairstyle. Send a photo of yourself and your most outrageous hairstyle from the ‘60s that still has you wondering, “What was I thinking?” They want to see the best flips, twists, bobs, beehives, and waves. The bigger the hair, the better. This is sure to be a “stiff” competition!

Entries will be narrowed down to the grooviest 25 photos. The deadline to send photos is July 5. The finalists’ photos will be voted upon by audience members during the run of the annual summer musical, Hairspray, with the top three contestants invited to the July 28 performance, where the winner will be crowned this year’s “Mrs. Vintage Hairspray” and will be awarded a pair of 2011-12 season tickets.

Send photos through email at marketing@brlt.org or mail it to the theater at 7155 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806, Attention: Vintage Hairspray Contest. Include contact information - name, address, email and phone number. Winner must be present to win.

Make certain to send the theater a copy of the photo as the photos will not be returned at the end of the contest and Baton Rouge Little Theater will not be held responsible for damaged photos.

For more information, call (225) 924-6496.

??ON THE INTERNET: http://www.brlt.org