Baton Rouge Gallery is featuring works from three of its artist members — April Hammock, Randell Henry and Tom Richard — through Thursday, July 30.

Hammock’s exhibit, “Surfaced,” dives into how events — big and small, significant and seemingly meaningless — can impact the world. Influenced by old myths, poems and songs, Hammock became inspired by the change that can be brought about by change. By layering colors, she creates paintings of strong landscapes that express the transitive property of time.

Hammock, a gallery artist member since 2001, is an instructor for the Talented Visual Arts in the East Baton Rouge Gifted and Talented Program at Baton Rouge Magnet High School.

Bright, passionate and thought provoking describe Henry’s “Abstractions in Collage.” His use of vivid color and mixed media collage create vibrant depth, provoking the feel of a blues session and the popping, jazzy tunes of the Harlem Renaissance.

Through abstraction and collage, Henry, who is a faculty member in Southern University’s Department of Visual Arts, recalls African-American history and pushes the appreciation of artists, writers and musicians.

In “You Ain’t Got Jack, Son,” Richard evaluates the past by addressing how history is made and how it subsequently shapes identity.

Through toys and historical imagery, Richard uses spontaneous abstraction to remake historical figures and photographs to create a moment that feels “right” to him. Richard’s paintings and drawings combine images that allude to Baroque and Expressionist paintings while incorporating mixed media pieces and images of his childhood toys. Richard is a professor of art at the University of Arkansas in Monticello, Arkansas.

Gallery hours for the BREC facility are noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Admission is free.

For information, call (225) 383-1470 or visit