What does “Star Wars” and cans of green beans have in common?


Ten area design and building teams competed last week in “CAN Wars” — inspired by the “Star Wars” triology — a competition to create the best structure made entirely out of nonperishable food items.

So, among others, were Post Architects’ “The Endless Battle of Good vs. Evil, Jedi vs. Sith, Food vs. Hunger,” while Southern Earth Sciences built “R2D2 can deCANstruct Hunger” and Forte & Tablada constructed “Fight Hunger We CAN,” complete with Yoda.

The American Institute of Architects Baton Rouge partnered with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank and the Louisiana Art & Science Museum, the Shaw Center for the Arts and Louisiana’s Old State Capitol. The can-tastic constructions will be on display at all three sites until Sept. 17.

At the conclusion of the event, all of the canned foods will be donated to the Food Bank.

“CANstruction is a really creative event that raises hunger awareness while demonstrating the creativity of the architects,” says Bob Kanas, the Food Bank’s chief operations officer. “It’s really unique and makes an impact in a way you wouldn’t normally anticipate.”

In the past five years, AIA Baton Rouge CANstruction has contributed more than 67,600 pounds of food to the Food Bank. This weight provides the equivalent of approximately 56,000 meals for those in need within the Food Bank’s 11-parish service area.