The clues will lead to a pirate’s treasure, which is only fitting since the teams accepting this quest will be helping Opéra Louisiane’s stage its upcoming production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operetta, “Pirates of Penzance.”

The company calls this inaugural fundraiser the Downtown Derby.

“It’s a lot like the ‘Amazing Race’ on television,” says General Director Leanne Clement.

The CBS series sends teams to different destinations, where they must compete in a series of challenges. Some challenges are mental, others physical, and they learn their next destination only when they are done.

In the Downtown Derby, the teams will be given clues to 30 locations at the beginning. At each location will be instructions for a task the team must record.

“It might be singing, or it might be something like running up and down a set of steps,” Clement says. “They have to make videos of these tasks with their phones. The first team to show up at the Roux House at 4 o’clock after completing 12 of the 30 tasks will win $500.”

Teams have two hours to complete this quest, which will coincide with FestForAll.

“We’re a separate event, but we’re working with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge to make all of this happen at one time,” Clement says. “They have been great in supporting what we’re doing.”

Teams can consist of two to eight members.

“We’re recommending teams of four,” Clement says. “And these teams will have to figure out the different strengths of their members and do a lot of strategizing. Some team members might be better at doing some things than others. If the task is singing, you might have a team member who enjoys singing. If it’s a physical task, your more athletic team member might want to do that task.”

There also will be mental challenges and challenges of bravery, within reason.

“We’ve designed it to be a lot of fun for everyone,” Clement says. “And it’s a fun way to learn more about the city’s history and culture.”

The cost is $25 for each team member, which includes gear bags and a party at the Roux House for all participants, who must be age 21 or older.

Register at

“We’ll also have prizes for second- and third-place teams, along with a team with the best costumes,” Clement says. “And we’re encouraging everyone to wear costumes for this.”

Clement says plans are to make Downtown Derby an annual fundraiser for Opéra Louisiane.

“There’s no limit on the number of teams, and it’s something that can bring together a lot of people for a fun time,” Clement says.

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