Baton Rouge Gallery, 1515 Dalrymple Drive, is showing the latest works by artist members Preston Gilchrist, Theresa Herrera, Marcus McAllister and Jessica Sharpe during its March exhibition, which runs through Thursday, March 26.

Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Admission is free. The gallery will feature the four artists in its ARTiculate Artist Talk series at 4 p.m. Sunday, March 8.

Preston Gilchrist’s exhibit, “Groundline,” tests the boundaries and limitations of familiar images in a collection of reinterpreted renderings, aimed at altering common conceptions. He changes the scale and decontextualizes well-known images to change how the viewer interprets them.

Gilchrist uses encaustic painting techniques, which utilize wax and pigments, in addition to traditional painting and drawing techniques. He has been an artist member since 2002 and serves as the artistic director for the River Oaks Arts Center in Alexandria and as an adjunct instructor at Louisiana College in Pineville.

Theresa Herrera comes home to her spiritual roots in her latest exhibition, “The Trinity.” In the 1960s, Herrera rebelled against her family’s Hispanic influence, but as her life has progressed, she has found herself called back to her religious upbringing, embracing the faith and traditions of her grandmother. “The Trinity” incorporates familiar icons and symbols of her Catholic ideology through painted images.

Herrera, a native of Los Angeles, has been an artist member since 1992. A lifelong art educator, Herrera has shared her passion for visual literacy with children and adults for over 40 years.

In his newest exhibition, “Navigating by Hidden Signs,” Marcus McAllister demonstrates his evolving technique, which he calls “spatial lace,” combining realistic forms and geometric shapes. He is experimenting with painting and drawing within the technique he has created. McAllister manipulates space and creates obscurity by layering and blurring figures of animals, people and symbols to create the illusion that figures are in motion or levitating.

McAllister, a BRG artist member since 1995, now lives in Paris as a painter and illustrator.

Jessica Sharpe draws viewers into the wonder that is human existence and the connection they have to the universe in her exhibition, “We Are the Surface.”

Sharpe draws inspiration from Carl Sagan’s deep appreciation and infectious love for astronomy and science. She uses painting and installation art to pay tribute to Sagan’s profound influence in her understanding of the beauty, mystery and uncertainty of life and our cosmos.

Sharpe has been an artist member since 2013. During the last 10 years, her work has been exhibited throughout the United States.

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