Maddgame Entertainment’s locally produced sketch comedy, “Laugh Now Laugh Later” will be taking a break while its producers focus on filming an independent film.

But don’t worry. You can laugh now then laugh later while watching the new DVD of the best of the best from show’s first five seasons broadcast on WBXH my BR in Baton Rouge. The show aired 11 p.m. Fridays.

“This DVD is volume 1,” says Terrance Turner, creator, producer and director. “There’s something from each season on this DVD. We’re planning on putting out volume 2 at the end of the year.”

Season 6 has been put on hold as the production team begins filming a feature-length comedy in June. The story follows the antics of two brothers who have been left in charge of their dad’s bar.

“One is responsible, the other is irresponsible, and they run into a lot of unforeseen events,” Turner says . “It’s a cross between ‘Dude, Where’s My Car’ and “Friday,’ and we’re calling it ‘The Weekend.’ It was written by myself, Alexander Scott, K.C. Byrd and Carissa Cropper.”

Turner plans to debut the movie with a red carpet event at UpStage Theatre. But that will come later.

For now, Turner and his crew are putting out the word about “Laugh Now Laugh Later.” It may be gone from the airwaves for now, but will return in 2016.

“And fans can still watch their favorite skits and characters on the DVD,” Turner says. “All of the popular sketches will be there, including the ‘Hobo Hustle’ and ‘Ratchet Ronnie.’”

Ratchet Ronnie owns the world’s greatest bar, by the way. That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it.

For those unfamiliar with the show, think “Saturday Night Live,” though the show doesn’t air live. Or think back to “In Living Color.”

“Laugh Now Laugh Later” follows the sketch format of these shows.

Terrance writes the sketches with local writers Alexander Scott, Will Merrill, Jeff Buck and Faydra Thomas, most of whom also star in the show.

“The idea started as a sketch comedy movie, then morphed into TV,” Turner says. “We found that TV is a better route.”

Television allowed for more idea development, and if a sketch doesn’t work in one season, it’s saved for the next.

The show also features a pop culture segment, man on the street and music reviews by radio host and blogger Ally Bea.

DVDs cost $10 and are available at the Music Treasure Chest, 410 N. Acadian Thruway, and Another Level Clothing, 5239 Government St.

It eventually will be available on the production company’s website,

“We’re also working on a web series called ‘Mendacity’ for YouTube or Vimeo. It’ll be a drama, and we’re looking forward to sinking our teeth into it,” Turner says. “It’s intriguing — the main character is the kind of person you love one minute and hate the next. Think of an anti-hero like Tony Soprano. It’s a good story, and there’s a lesson to it.”

Viewers will see some of the cast members from “Laugh Now Laugh Later” in “Mendacity,” as well as “The Weekend.”

“I love to challenge myself and take new challenges,” Turner says. “We wanted to take a break to try the movie, and with the movie, we’ll continue our tradition of promoting local talent in the city. We can bring Hollywood to you.”