Anna Kendrick wowed audiences with the “cup song” in the 2012 film, “Pitch Perfect.”

Now, the Baton Rouge Chorus of Sweet Adelines is getting into the act.

The chorus will be performing “When I’m Gone,” the official name of the “cup song,” along with others in two performances of its new concert, “,” on Saturday, July 19.

The group had a little help from its youngest member in getting the “cup song” just right.

Jada Gardner, 10, had memorized Kendrick’s movie moves.

“Then she taught them to us,” says Tolly Thompson, Jada’s grandmother.

The student at Brownfields Elementary School’s Gifted and Talented Program had been attending rehearsals with her grandmother for the past year.

“I began singing them,” she says. “I couldn’t get them out of my head. So, I asked if I could join the chorus.”

Now Jada’s is the chorus’ youngest-ever member.

“We’re trying to get younger people involved,” say chorus member Jan Daly. “We’ve had college and high school-age members in the past, but now we’re able to accept even younger members. We’re thrilled to have Jada.”

Jada not only was ready to sing but anxious to teach her fellow chorus members a thing or two about the “cup song.”

The chorus decided to add the song to its program, which tackles the theme of online dating.

“A former member, Jennifer Lehn, met her husband on an online dating site,” chorus member Donna Robinson says. “She was able to offer interesting insight into this way of finding your soulmate.

“Jennifer told us that there are lots of folks looking for that special someone so be persistent but cautious. In other words, the odds are good but the goods may be odd.”

All of the songs complement a chorus member’s narrative of seeking a mate on the fictional online dating site, “”

“We’ve had a lot of fun with this year’s theme,” Robinson says.

But the choreography has been a little difficult, especially for the “cup song.” That’s when Jada also became the group’s youngest choreographer.

“I can sing the song, and I can do the choreography, but I have trouble doing both at the same time,” Thompson says, laughing. “It takes coordination, and Jada did a great job teaching us.”