Fans of Fox television’s “So You Think You Can Dance” know Du-Shaunt Stegall by his stage name, Fik-Shun, the show’s 2013 competition winner.

He is bringing his stage name and his winning dance style to Baton Rouge on Thursday, Oct. 2, when Dance With Us America performs in the Manship Theatre’s Los Angeles Ballroom Studio.

The show is the theater’s Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Family Foundation dance headliner. Los Angeles Ballroom Studio is staged by national ballroom champions Gene Bersten and wife Elena Grinenko, owner of Dance With Us America dance studio in Edina, Minnesota.

Grinenko also starred for five seasons on ABC television’s “Dancing With the Stars,” and has assembled a group of dancers for a Latin-themed Baton Rouge show.

Los Angeles Ballroom Studio launches the Manship Theatre’s “Dance Speaks” initiative, using its 2014-15 dance performances as a platform for public education on HIV/AIDS, dedicating the season to raise awareness and fundraising focused on children who perinatally contracted the infection.

The troupe arrived in Baton Rouge on Monday and will conduct several dance workshops while rehearsing.

“We’ll also visit a hospital, and we’re excited about that,” says Miriam Star, manager of Dance With Us America studio. “We love to bring joy through dance to people in hospitals.”

The Los Angeles Ballroom Studio is one of several in the studio’s “Dance With Love” series.

The cast also features dancers from the Broadway hit “Burn The Floor” and Europe’s “Star Light Express” and has included such celebrities as Akon, Boney M, Lou Bega, Patricia Kass, Dima Bilan and Touch & Go.

“Dance With Love has traveled to five countries including America, Australia, China, Finland and Russia,” Star says. “And now we’re going to make our first visit to Louisiana. We’ve heard so much about Baton Rouge, especially the food. We’re looking forward to being there.”

Alan Bersten originally was to headline the show. He was a featured finalist of Season 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance,” as well as studio owner Gene Bersten’s brother. But plans changed over the weekend.

“We now have the champion of season 10 with Fik-Shun,” Star says.

Grinenko and Gene Bersten also will be performing with Fik-Shun, along with three American and Russian national dance champions.

Though the program isn’t interactive, there will be times it moves from stage to audience.

“I don’t want to give too much away about the show, but there will be a couple of numbers that will go through the theater,” Star says. “All of the dances are choreographed, so we won’t be asking audience members to come on stage, but not everything happens on stage.”