A real warmth comes into Alison Stroming’s voice.

She’s just finished performing the part of the Sugar Plum Fairy for the first time with the New Jersey Ballet Company in Newark, New Jersey, and she feels like royalty.

“It made me feel so beautiful,” she says. “I really do feel like a queen.”

Stroming will star in the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre’s production of “The Nutcracker — A Tale From the Bayou.” The production runs for two performances each day on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 20-21, in the Baton Rouge River Center Theatre for the Performing Arts.

Stroming will be portraying the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Louisiana-themed production, and Carlos Lopez will be her Cavalier. The two will also dance the parts of the Snow Queen and King.

Stroming is a member of the Dance Theatre of Harlem, whose tour stopped in Baton Rouge earlier in the fall. The Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre hosted the company’s performance, which gave Stroming a chance to meet artistic directors Molly Buchmann and Sharon Mathews.

“All of this helps, because I’ll be comfortable coming into the performance in Baton Rouge,” Stroming says.

Though the production will mark Lopez’s first visit to Louisiana, he also is at ease.

Lopez usually spends his Decembers dancing the parts of Snow King and Cavalier in different cities.

And, he and Lopez have already been working together on the Baton Rouge project.

“Alison and I both live in New York, so it was convenient for us to meet and work out the choreography together,” he says.

It’s not that the “Nutcracker” choreography completely varies from one production to the next, but each dance partner is different, with his or her own unique set of characteristics.

“That saves us a lot of time,” Lopez says, speaking from his latest “Nutcracker” appearance in Wisconsin. “And I know that I’ll be dancing to a live orchestra this time, and that also makes a difference.”

The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra will accompany the four performances, and live musicians mean no two performances are exactly alike.

“A live orchestra makes it more exciting for me,” Lopez says, “I would like to dance to a live orchestra all the time.”

Lopez was 11 years old when he walked into his first ballet class. He never dreamed that it would lead to a career that would include stints as a company dancer and soloist with the American Ballet Theatre in New York. Now 38, the native of Madrid, Spain, started out in gymnastics.

“My teacher told my parents that I was very good, and they should enroll me in a class,” he says. “So, my mom enrolled me in a ballet class. I loved it. I trained with the Victor Ullate School, and I joined the company when I was 16.”

His career also includes stints as a company dancer and soloist with the American Ballet Theatre in New York. These days, he coaches the theatre’s Student Company and works with ballet companies throughout the nation.

Stroming, 21, has been dancing since she was 3. Born in Brazil and adopted by American parents when she was 8 months old, she grew up in New Jersey and enrolled in a variety of dance classes, including tap and hip hop. The family moved to New York when, at age 9, Stroming was accepted into the School for American Ballet.

“My brothers used to be dancers,” Stroming says. “They danced on Broadway, and I became interested in dance because of them.”

She also trained with the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at the American Ballet Theatre in New York before dancing two seasons with the Alberta Ballet in Canada. She most recently danced with Ballet San Jose before joining the Dance Theatre of Harlem.

“I feel so lucky to be a part of the Dance Theatre of Harlem,” Stroming says. “All of my company members get along so well, and I love dancing and touring with them. I love being on the road and seeing the country and different parts of the world.”

Stroming and Lopez will share the Baton Rouge stage with veteran Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre soloists and former company members LeBrian Patrick and Meredith Broussard. Patrick, who now lives in Atlanta, returns to his dual roles of The Nutcracker and the Arabian. Broussard, who lives in New York, returns to Baton Rouge to play the Azalea Fairy.


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