“To me, imagining peace means trying to shape this world into a place future generations are going to want to live in — a place of serenity and an end to war, a paradise filled with love for one another. As people of this beautiful world, we deserve a place we feel safe, a place where everyone is caring and compassionate. It is possible!”

Age: 14

School: St. Theresa of Avila Middle School, eighth-grader

Parents: Michael and Wendi Hinojosa


Books: “Lies Beneath” by Anne Greenwood Brown and “The Selection” by Kiera Cass

TV show: “Duck Dynasty,” “The Walking Dead” and “Pretty Little Liars”

Movie: “Pitch Perfect,” “The Aristocats” and “Peter Pan”

Music: “I listen to about anything.”

Hangout: “Mall. I love to shop.”

Role model: “I don’t really have one. I strive to be myself. I don’t want someone else’s action or words to shape who I am. I’m myself.”

Extra: Evelyn Hinojosa participates in a variety of activities including Art Club, choir, Beta Club, Student Council, God’s Warriors (service club), Library Club and track. Her favorite subject is science and her favorite activity is art. “When I grow up, I’d like to be a make-up artist for movies bringing together my love of art and science,” she said. She also was a finalist in the 25th annual Lions Clubs International Peace Poster Contest, winning the local competition sponsored by the Baton Rouge Southeast Lions Club. She was among more than 400,000 students worldwide, ages 11-13, who submitted posters this year.

William Taylor

Assistant People editor