Robert DeBate, of Sorrento, is another of our readers bothered by phone scams. Here’s how he handled his latest call:

“I received a call from a person stating our computer ‘has a major problem.’

“He then asked to speak to Madeline, my wife.

“I told him to call another line and gave him the number.

“I would like to have been listening when he called and the voice on the other end answered, ‘Sheriff’s office!’”

Happy mis-steak

Faye Guidry says, “When Kirby and I were dating in St. Martinville in the late ’50s, the gang would gather in the park (Longfellow Evangeline State Park) on Saturday night.

“We’d listen to LSU football games or dance to the oldies on the radio.

“Each couple brought a chicken, rabbit or something to cook.

“I brought two steaks from daddy’s butcher shop.

“Kirby thought I was rich; fortunately, he got ‘hooked’ before he learned the truth. I’d actually sneaked the steaks out of the store without asking.”

How the music died

F.C. “Butch” Felterman, of Patterson, has another story about youthful parties:

“For a few weeks in 1943 our Patterson High School students enjoyed the generous loan of a jukebox from Fred Allen’s Cafe.

“There were only 13 in our graduation class, and the few senior boys who had not been drafted had a tough time getting the jukebox to the gym.

“After school on Friday afternoon we would push the machine down Main Street to Church Street and, then push it to the school gymnasium on First Street.

“On Saturday morning the reverse course was undertaken, usually with still fewer boys.

“The good times came to an end, however, when the poor thing collapsed from pothole fatigue.”

Costly breakfast

Andy says, “My sister Audry, who lives in Jefferson, remembers back when New Orleans newspapers had stories during hot weather (like we have now) about frying eggs on the sidewalks.

“That was when eggs were 25 cents a dozen. With eggs $2.50 or more a dozen, does anyone do that now?”

Fair warning

Joel d’Aquin Thibodeaux tells of going over plans for her mom’s birthday party with husband Ron:

“I tell him, ‘OK, tomorrow I’ll pick up Ms. Avis, and you pick up the pizza, and I’ll meet you at Mama’s.’

“Ron replies, ‘OK. But I probably won’t be very hungry by the time I get there.’”

(Joel, I hope you doubled that pizza order...)


Attorney Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, says our recent column item on wearing different colored shoes “reminded me of a similar incident many years ago.

“I was picking a jury in Gonzales and seemed to be doing quite well until about the third day. On that morning, the members of the venire seemed to be less attentive and unable to look me in the eye.

“I relentlessly questioned them, and stressed the importance of being honest and the significance of being fair and impartial and the seriousness of the matter at hand.

“Finally, one of the potential jurors made me aware of why there seemed to be hesitation and some smiles from them.

“He said, ‘Mr. Falterman, you have on one brown boot and one gray boot!’

“I had risen early and dressed quickly. That never happened again!”

Nice People Dept.

Jo Morgan and Cherry Mills thank “the anonymous Good Samaritan who paid for our lunch at Isabella Pizzeria. Wow, what a nice gesture, and totally out of the blue!

“Something like that really gives you the warm fuzzies.”

Looking for people

Jennifer Mayer says Capital Area Court Appointed Special Advocates Association seeks volunteers for its next training course, which begins Sept. 8:

“CASA volunteers advocate for abused and neglected youth living in foster care to help them reach safe, permanent homes. No special background is required. Contact training coordinator Garcelia Burchell at or (225) 379-8598 for details, or visit”

Special People Dept.

— Ann Post, of Forest Manor in Covington, celebrates her 103rd birthday on Monday, Aug. 17.

— Emile C. Rufin celebrates his 98th birthday on Monday, Aug. 17. He is the former owner of Ye Olde College Inn restaurant in New Orleans.

Thought for the Day

From Sarah Stravinska, of Chestnut: “There is a town in New York called Unadilla. I figure that is the result of a unicorn mating with an armadillo.”

Clean humor

Chick St. Germaine, of Harahan, says May Brock, secretary at St. Rita Catholic Church, told him at a recent Mass that her niece had received a beautiful towel as a birthday gift.

On the towel was monogrammed “Wash your hands and say your prayers — Our Lord Jesus and germs are everywhere.”

Contacting Smiley

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