“The individual’s role in society, too often, is jeopardized by the suppression of ideas from the people in power. Though, might I add, individuals have always been and will always be the ones who affect change. Do not discredit yourself because of your eccentricity, in fact, ?make that your driving force for change.”

Age: 17

School: Baton Rouge Magnet High School

Parents: Kevin and Carol Babb


Book: “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink

Music: Jazz music with a concentration of Big Band and Swing

Movie: “Office Space”

TV show: “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

Role model: His cousin, Eric May

Hangout:?Highland Road Park’s disc golf course

Extra: Babb was recently selected as a 2011-2012 member of the Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council. At his high school, he is Beta Club president, Billiards Club founder and president, and a swim team member. He is an Eagle Scout, Boys’ State delegate and Boys’ Nation candidate,?Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar participant and jazz radio broadcaster on WBRH 90.3 FM, the school’s radio station.