Adele Noonan says, “After reading your column about the wonderful state troopers and other good deeds, I just had to send you this.

“My daughter and son-in-law, Carolyn and David Cangelosi, decided to forgo Thanksgiving with family.

“Instead, they rented a U-Haul truck, gathered donations from family and friends, and left the Monday morning before Thanksgiving — heading for a distribution center on Staten Island.

“They saw the devastation of Hurricane Sandy first-hand, which made them thankful they were able to help.

“I am so proud of what they did I just had to add them to the wonderful people who have helped out.”

Adele adds, “They are the parents of Charlie Cangelosi, whom I am sure you have heard about.”

Charlie is the Good Samaritan who, in 2010, was shot in the stomach while trying to help a pregnant woman being robbed at gunpoint by a gang near the LSU campus.

Now we know where he got his Good Samaritan training …

Hail to the king

James A. Culotta says, “My friend A. Howell Andrews caught me by surprise last Christmas season, chastising me for not offering the lyrics to ‘Good King Sauerkraut’ for all your readers to sing during this festive season.

“I have searched my archives and other ‘unofficial’ sources and can find only one verse, probably the only one Walt Kelly had for the Pogo comic strip:

“‘Good King Sauerkraut, look out!

On yo’ feets uneven,

While the snoo lay ‘round about,

All kerchoo achievin.’

“Now the season can OFFICIALLY begin.”

Which reminds me

Once when I ran the lyrics to the above song, I heard from a reader asking “What’s snoo?”

Delighted, I was able to reply, “Not much; What’s snoo with you?”

Speaking of tunes

Bearded Friend, whose musical résumé includes selling programs at the Grand Ole Opry, says about our recent item on “Turkey in the Straw” lyrics:

“Like so may classic folk tunes, it has various lyrics.

“I recall them as ‘Turkey in the straw/Turkey in the hay/ Tune up the fiddles/Doodely- day!’”

And G-Dub adds this verse to the above lyrics:

“With a hop and a string/And a high tuck-a-haw/Strike up the tune called/Turkey in the straw.”

Thank-you notes

Em and Bob thank a young lady, Ticey, for the help when they stopped at Our Lady of the Lake library and asked directions to Promise Hospital:

“She not only told us how to get there, she got into her black Mazda and had us follow her there — guess she could see we are really OLD.”

Worthy causes

A “Winners Wear Pink” event Saturday from 11 a.m. to midnight at Quarters, a new entertainment center at 4530 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd., benefits Mary Bird Perkins–Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center.

Quarters will donate a percentage of “Winners Wear Pink” T-shirts sales, game play proceeds, and sales of its “signature Cotton Candy martini.”

The Cancer Center “Early Bird” mobile clinic will screen from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Call Danielle Mack at (225) 215-1248 or Keidrick Alford at (225) 572-8751.

A pet for Christmas?

The Companion Animal Alliance’s “12 Strays of Christmas” program offers every animal in the shelter for adoption for $12 during December.

The dogs and cats will be vetted, microchipped and spay/neutered.

The shelter is at 2680 Progress Road near the Metro Airport. Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, extended to 7 p.m. on Thursdays, and by appointment on Mondays.

Contact Cathy Coates at or (225) 767-9074.

Special People Dept.

Felicie Rogillio, of Rosedale, celebrates her 91st birthday Monday.

Vermin verse

In our Poetry Corner, James Allen, of Marrero, recalls “a jingle my mother taught me back when I was a kid:

‘I woke up the other morning,

and looked upon the wall;

the Bedbugs and the Cooties were playing a game of ball.

The score was 2 to nothing,

the Bedbugs were ahead;

a Cootie knocked a home run and knocked me out of bed.’”

Listen to the lady

Linda Dalferes says, “A friend of ours was getting ready to go on a fishing trip with my son, and wanted the address in Houma so he could plug it into his GPS.

“He said the makers of those gadgets were pretty smart making the default voice a woman, because women wouldn’t want to listen to a man’s directions. “Also, men are accustomed to hearing a woman telling them where to go and how to get there.

“However, traveling down to Houma, the woman got him so lost that he thought he’d use the man’s directions on the way back to Baton Rouge.”

Write Smiley at He can also be reached by fax at (225) 388-0351 or mail at P.O. Box 588, Baton Rouge, LA 70821.