From the Santa Fe chicken egg rolls to the hot sizzling apple pie, every dish at Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant was a huge plate of delicious comfort food from the first bite to the last.

We started our meal with the egg rolls ($8.79), a plate of golden-baked savory pastries with a creamy filling of melted pepper jack cheese, chicken and black beans with just enough heat, and the appetizer sampler ($14.99), a platter with chicken and cheese quesadillas, ground beef nachos (with the cheese melted onto the nachos which is so much better than the cheese sauce variety), chicken flautas, crispy fried tortillas filled with tender chopped chicken, and guacamole and white queso for dipping and spreading.

We actually could have stopped right there and gone away happy diners. Either one of these appetizers would make a fine meal for two with a soup or salad, but we were in it for the count and continued on in our dinner quest.

We chose a variety of entrees and were well pleased with all of them. The El Mexicano ($14.49) was a chicken feast consisting of a chicken burrito, a chicken chimichanga, a chicken enchilada and a chicken taco topped with a delicious sour cream sauce. Our guest especially liked the chimichanga with its well-seasoned ranchero sauce covering the crispy fried chicken-filled flour tortilla. This was a huge platter and could easily feed two - or one really hungry man.

We also tried the Antiguo ($13.99), a combination plate of a cheese-chili relleno topped with ranchero sauce, a chicken enchilada topped with sour cream sauce and a beef taco al carbon. Everything was absolutely delicious.

For the taco al carbon meal ($11.59), listed under Tex Mex specialties on the menu, we chose one beef and one chicken taco which came wrapped in flour tortillas served with sour cream, guacamole, pico del gallo and chili con queso. The grilled chicken was moist and delicious, but that skirt steak was fabulous and we’d recommend choosing both tacos with the beef.

These three meals came with a nice Spanish rice and a serving of refried beans but they were bit players next to these heavy-hitter meals.

We also tried the shrimp fajitas ($16.59) and they tasted as good as they smelled and looked on their sizzling plate with grilled onions and bell peppers. The large, firm, perfectly-cooked, buttery-tasting shrimp were hot and a little hard to handle while getting them in their flour tortilla but totally worth the effort. We only wished the tortillas would have been larger so we could put more shrimp.

To finish our meal we tried three of the desserts and each one was delicious. One of our guests had never eaten fried ice cream ($4.99) and wanted to give it a try. The large softball-size ball of vanilla creamy goodness, coated in a crunchy cereal-like batter was a nice cool finish to a hot meal. We also tried the hot sizzling apple pie ($4.99), a large slice of apple pie served on a hot skillet with Mexican butter sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. The combination of the hot sauce and the cold ice cream mixed with the pie was delicious and even though we’d just had an extra large meal there was not a bite left on the plate. We also tried the flan ($4.99) and found the thick, rich caramel custard a perfect complement to an excellent meal.

Not only is the food delicious, the service couldn’t have been better. From the complimentary chips and salsa until she brought out our check, the waitress couldn’t have been any more friendly and knowledgeable. She had that wonderful knack of knowing just when to stop by our table that makes a good dining experience so much more enjoyable.