Mike Manes, of New Iberia, adds to our tales of Lea’s Lunch Room in Lecompte:

“Back in the late 1970s I was headed to Monroe to meet my wife and children at her mother’s house for Thanksgiving. Tradition required that I pick up a pie or two at Lea’s.

“I stopped in late that Wednesday evening and placed my order. Somewhat embarrassed, they acknowledged that they had run out of pies.

“As I walked out I said, ‘I’m going kill myself.’ Everyone laughed.

“A year later I was in Latil’s stationary shop on Third Street in Baton Rouge.

“Someone walked up to me smiling and said, ‘Well, obviously you didn’t do it.’

“‘Do what?’ I responded.

“‘Kill yourself,’ he answered.

“Immediately I knew he had been at Lea’s that day.”

Sign language

Karen Poirrier, of Lutcher, says she enjoyed seeing the players on the Michigan softball team doing their “making pizza” signs when they got on base:

“When watching the LSU baseball team in the College World Series in Omaha, I eagerly await seeing a player who gets on base, steals a base, hits a home run, etc., twirl his fingers around his ears to tell his teammates to ‘keep the momentum going.’

“My husband, Buddy, has learned the art of twirling the fingers on his left hand backward and his right hand forward, then shifting gears and twirling all 10 fingers forward.

“I thank the LSU players for giving him something to do with his hands during the game instead of punching the arms of his recliner.”

Got runza?

Alex “Sonny” Chapman, of Ville Platte, reminds me that two years ago, when the LSU baseball team went to Omaha for the College World Series, this column devoted some space to the runza sandwich, a German-Russian meat pie with cabbage and onion that’s popular in Nebraska.

There was even talk at the time of a runza party for the visiting Tigers, and opening a runza shop in Baton Rouge.

As Alex points out, in 2013 the Tigers didn’t stay in Omaha long enough to enjoy such taste treats:

“I think the now-corrected high seams on the baseball, the home-run killing ballpark and the torturous slow pace of UCLA baseball did us in.

“I don’t think it was your column’s mention of the runza that snaked us, but baseball is THE ‘Sport of Superstition,’ so I’ll let you decide if we should talk about runzas in Omaha this time.”

I can’t imagine that my mention of runzas would lead to a jinx.

Heartburn, maybe, but not a jinx...

For hungry Tigers

Cathy Childers tells LSU fans attending the College World Series “there are three excellent restaurants in Omaha owned by a native Baton Rougean: my brother, Jimmy Blanchard.

“Jimmy attended LSU in the early ’80s, then left Louisiana to pursue a successful career in the restaurant business. He has remained a diehard LSU fan, however, and is raising two future LSU athletes.”

He has Mahogany steak house and two Charleston restaurants. Tell ’em Smiley sent you...

Special People Dept.

— Clotiel W. Matthews, of Baton Rouge, will be 102 on Saturday, June 13. She’ll celebrate Friday with a noon party at The Adult Day Health Care Center on Mason Avenue.

— Lois Oswalt, of Live Oak Village in Hammond, celebrates her 91st birthday on Sunday, June 14.

— Addis Netto celebrates his 90th birthday on Saturday, June 13. He is a World War II veteran.

— Norris Gwin, of Lafayette, celebrates his 90th birthday on Sunday, June 14. He is a Marine veteran of World War II, having served in the Pacific Theater.

— Jim and Jewell Varnado celebrate their 70th anniversary on Sunday, June 14. He is an Exxon retiree, she’s a retired school bus driver for St. Thomas More School.

— Marjorie and Cooper Thibodeaux, of Zachary, celebrate 62 years of marriage on Saturday, June 13.

— Edmond and Marguerite Becnel celebrate their 57th anniversary on Sunday, June 14.

Shame on you!

Michelle Cave says she loved Wendy Lipsey’s tale in the Wednesday column about an encounter with an alligator while driving on Nicholson Drive:

“My beautiful daughter-in-law Karen is so afraid of alligators on the drive from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

“She was away Wednesday on a business trip, so I asked her husband, my son Pierre Legrand, to cut the story out of the paper for her.

“She does have a wonderful sense of humor.”

(I sure hope so…)

The itching game

Fred Thomas, of Abbeville, takes note of Michel Fourrier’s question in the Wednesday column, asking if the LSU baseball team has a spitting coach:

“I think if a spitting coach is hired, he should serve additionally as a coach of an equally frequent baseball action.

“He should also be the scratching coach.”

Contacting Smiley

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