Every day when I pick up my girls, I am asked the same two questions: “Can you turn off the ’80s station?” and “What’s for dinner?”

No matter what protein I respond with, one will say, “Yum,” and the other will just groan and stuff leftover crackers in her mouth from her lunchbox. The exception to this rule is chicken. Everyone likes chicken. We wind up cooking chicken a lot.

While we don’t tend to get as excited about the common yardbird as we do a fine marbled steak or juicy pork belly, there is something to be said for the flexibility of chicken.

Chicken freezes well, so it’s often handy; it is simple to prepare in a variety of ways; and it easily fits with any side dish you have on hand. Chicken is a blank canvas.

Because I have a freezer full of homemade tomato sauce and a healthy basil plant, I decided to whip up a new chicken dish to save me from possible chicken boredom and awkward silences in the car when asked what we’re having for dinner. The result was fresh, simple and delicious.