Jim Douglas says this happened to “someone I know:”

“This ‘someone’ pulled into a parking lot, got her ticket and went about her business.

“Several hours later, she presented the ticket to the parking lot attendant, who brought around a car.

“She drove home and went to bed.

“Around l1 p.m. there was a knock on the door. A policeman was standing there.

“‘Did you drive the wrong car home from the parking lot?’ he asked.

“Sure enough, there was a strange car in the driveway.

“The person who owned that car had to wait at the parking lot until there was only one car left.

“He found a name in the glove box, and the chase was on.

“A friend of this ‘someone I know’ asked her, ‘What if it had been an 18-wheeler?’

“‘Don’t be ridiculous!’ she replied.

Feeling crabby

“Like others commenting on ‘Maryland’ crabs,” says Jack Coffee, of Sunset, “my wife and I had a similar experience visiting family in New Jersey.

“Our daughter and her husband took us to a restaurant near their home in south New Jersey, where the specialty was Maryland steamed crabs.

“They were served about a dozen at a time for four of us.

“The menu said ‘All you can eat’ for a flat rate.

“They obviously didn’t anticipate any diners from south Louisiana. My wife can shuck and eat a dozen crabs quicker than a cat can … well, you know.

“Anyway, we sat there and ate probably 10 dozen crabs — and with each call for more, the waitress became slower and slower to respond.

“The following year we went back and did the same.

“The next year there was a limit placed on the ‘All you can eat’ offer.

“The following year the restaurant was out of business.

“And yes, they were blue crabs from the Gulf.”

River shrimp, anyone?

Like Marcel Proust, Val Garon finds that “a familiar taste or smell can bring back more memories than sight or sound.

“One night after supper I snacked on a small chunk of Cheddar cheese, and it brought back memories of eating Mississippi River shrimp.

“Those small shrimp had a solid chunk of fat in them that tasted like cheese.

“Before I escaped from Donaldsonville, back in the 1970s, those shrimp were plentiful and could be ordered from people who had shrimp boxes in the river.

“I wonder if these shrimp are still plentiful and who knows someone who traps them.”

The great escape

“The approaching hunting season brought this experience to mind,” says Tom Toddy.

“A friend and I were at a popular root beer dispensary discussing a coming weekend duck hunting/fishing trip.

“There we met an old school chum, a novice outdoorsman, and invited him to go along with us.

“Our guest had a good time, bagging a duck and catching a couple of fish.

“When we pulled up to the landing to trailer our boat, Wildlife & Fisheries agents were busy checking hunting/fishing licenses, guns, boat registrations, etc.

“As it happened, the agents were busy with others and never checked us.

“Through conversation on the drive home, we were amazed to find that our guest had neither hunting nor fishing licenses, and his new shotgun had never been properly plugged.

“When asked why he did not buy the proper licenses, he replied, ‘I did not know whether I would like hunting and fishing!’

“With his luck, we advised him to take the first plane to Las Vegas!”

Worthy causes

Anne Bourg says The Lupus Foundation hosts its 27th annual Esther Eames Memorial Golf Tournament and Silent Auction Oct. 13 at the Santa Maria golf course.

She’s looking for golfers, silent auction items and cash donations. Go to louisianalupusfoundation or annebourg@eatel.net.

Information exchange

  • Connie Jenkins says, “I do filet crochet, and need a pattern for the Ten Commandments or the Lord’s Prayer. Call (225) 396-2396.”
  • Virginia Smith says, “I have a lot of trophies, both for running and tennis, that I would like to donate to an organization that will reuse them. Email smithvgr@gmail.com.”

Special People Dept.

  • Leon Miletello, of Maringouin, celebrates his 100th birthday on Monday, Sept. 29.
  • T. Med Hogg celebrates his 93rd birthday on Monday, Sept. 29.

    Renee “Beebe” Waggenspack, of Darrow, celebrates his 92nd birthday on Thursday, Oct. 2.

Rejoice, dear hearts!

Another church story, this one from the Carencro Curmudgeon, Dan Burkhalter:

A preacher was leaving his present church for a new one.

In his farewell sermon he explained, “Jesus called me to this church, and now he is calling me to a new church.

“Now we’ll sing our closing hymn, ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus.’”

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