Simple, elegant, rustic, homemade, lacy, naked — all these describe what brides want in their wedding cakes.

“Every bride says she wants simple and elegant, but they don’t. They want elegant, but not simple,” says Martha Hebert, of St. Martinville, co-owner of Sweet Southern Ladies with sister Becky Guidry. “They want something that makes a statement … they want tall and unique … Baroque style or lace.”

These two retired school teachers visit with each bride for at least an hour, getting to know a little about her, and then they design the one-of-a-kind cake “right there on the spot.”

“Each cake is unique to each bride,” Hebert says. “We don’t copy anybody else’s cake. That way they all have their own cake.”

With more brides wearing vintage dresses, Angela St. Romain at Gambino’s Bakery is getting lots a requests for lace on wedding cakes.

“That’s probably the newer trend … edible lace,” she adds.

Another wedding cake trend is color, bright peacock colors and lots of shimmery hues.

St. Romain also gets a lot of requests for buttercream icing cakes with a lot of spatula work.

“It’s more of a natural look to go with the burlap themes of the weddings that are taking place in more rustic settings like barns,” St. Romain says.

Kelly Landry, of Baum’s Fine Pastries and Chocolates, says many brides want a wedding cake with that “homemade” look as opposed to a smooth finish.

“They like that textured look or when you take the spatula and make it look like ribbons around the cake,” she says.

Another new trend, Landry and St. Romain agreed, are “naked cakes,” where’s there’s little or no icing and the cake top and layers are filled with fresh fruit.

As for the groom’s cake, there are no trends. These cakes still reflect the groom’s interests or personality.

“They’re becoming quite the showpiece,” St. Romain says.

“They’re pretty personalized,” Landry adds. “The groom’s hobbies, favorite sport, football … anything LSU is still really popular.”

While everyone was requesting the LSU Tiger Stadium cake, the Sweet Southern Ladies wanted to come up with something unique to them.

“Becky said, ‘Let’s do Mike,’ ” she says. And they did.

“If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see he’s on his toes,” Hebert says. “To do that defies gravity.”