Now that the weather is chillier, a tasty chicken casserole hot from the oven delights the whole family.

Karen Kiesel shared this Jalapeño Chicken recipe with me. When I asked her where it came from, she said, “Oh, that’s one of my early married recipes.

“I have no idea whose it was or where it came from, but I’ve made it and shared it for years.”

The bottom layer of the casserole is coarsely crushed tortilla chips; giving the casserole a slight Tex-Mex flavor. Over the chips is the deboned chicken and over that, a creamy, sour cream and spinach sauce topped with cheese. In hurrying around my kitchen and not reading the recipe beforehand, I mixed the sauce in with the chicken. I don’t think the taste is any different; it may just look a little different from Kiesel’s.

I boiled the chicken in seasoned water with a piece of onion, celery and bell pepper added to the pot. After I skinned, deboned and diced the chicken, I spooned a little of the flavorful broth over the chicken to moisten it.

Kiesel told me she purchased skinned, deboned shrink-wrapped, rotisserie chicken at Costco and used that to make multiple casseroles for her game-day get-together. That’s a time saver for busy cooks.

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