Justin Garner can't hide it: He's excited for the future. 

The Baton Rouge R&B/pop singer-songwriter is showcasing that excitement and his personal growth on an upcoming EP, titled "Into the Wild," out June 16. Fans can preorder the release Friday through iTunes. 

"The new EP shows my journey from boy to man," Garner said. "A lot of my fans are used to me singing slow love ballads. Now, I'm very happy, and I want the music to reflect that." 

You don't have to be Einstein to hear how much fun Garner is having in the EP's first single, "Sexy & Savage." Justin Williams produced the song, and its sound is a larger part of Garner's goal. 

"I want to bring back soul and emotion," Garner said. "It's definitely uptempo, fun and flirty. When you dig into the release, you'll hear more of that soul and the message." 

Garner has every reason to be excited. To date, the singer has amassed fans from across the globe with releases such as 2015's "We Only Have Forever" and last year's "Love Passion Fury." He has ridden success from an appearance on MTV's "Copycat" and continues to give fans video performances of their favorite songs. His latest performance of Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like" already has garnered more than 31,000 views on his Facebook page

His inspiration now? Love and happiness. 

"I found love," Garner said. "I was heavily inspired to create something fun and soulful. I'm in a happy space. I'm captivated by creating music that makes people feel as though they're in love. I'm in that feeling."

And he can't wait for fans to hear how he's grown as a songwriter, as a performer and as a man. 

"I've been through heartbreak, pain, pleasure," he said. "I've traveled the world and across the country. I've met many different producers and writers to get to the point where I'm at now, the evolved version of who I am. 

"I feel as though I'm more seasoned, and that's what I want my message to be." 

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