Jim Carruth says back in 1987, when LSU’s head football coach, Bill Arnsparger, was leaving LSU to become athletic director at the University of Florida, “I asked my wife, Helen, to purchase some purple and gold silk and make some big LSU boxer shorts with ‘Tigers’ embossed on one side.

“I composed a letter to go with the present, with over 200 signatures — Gov. Edwin Edwards, Lt. Gov. Bobby Freeman, many legislators, LSU athletic director Carl Maddox, and even Hank Williams Jr.”

The letter said, in part, “Some late night when the moon is full over Gainesville, you can tiptoe very quietly from your bed and slip on your purple and gold underwear. Then very quietly tiptoe out into your back yard and look up at the full moon and softly whisper, ‘GOOOO Tigers.’ ”

“Twenty years later, when I ran into him in Baton Rouge, I said, ‘Coach Bill, do you still have those boxer shorts?’ He laughed, gave me a hug, and said, ‘Always.’ ”

Eggs-citing stories

Our current seminar on Easter eggs seems to have turned into tales of raw eggs:

-- Roy Pitchford, of Monroe, says, “About 65 years ago I was a second grader in Mrs. Heath’s class at Bernard Terrace School.

“She staged an Easter egg hunt for us, but it came with a warning.

“We were allowed to eat the eggs we found, but she told us her pre-school daughter had dyed some eggs that hadn’t been boiled, and she couldn’t tell them apart.

“Yes. I found one.”

-- Doug Johnson, of Watson, says, “In my high school days, four of us were milling around the back yard of one of the gang trying to come up with something to do for fun when we noticed a hen’s nest with one egg in it.

“I took it and held it in my hand, with the long dimension vertical between fingertips and heel of my palm.

“With the egg in front of my face, I pretended to squeeze, while announcing, ‘Did you know that it is impossible for anyone to break an egg while holding it in this position and squeezing it?’

“Macho Bob reacted immediately. ‘Gimme that egg!’ he said as he took it from my hand.

“A couple of seconds later, he proved me wrong — and ended up with egg on his face, in more ways than one.”

-- Keith Horcasitas, of Baton Rouge, says, “My mother used to always put eggs in the refrigerator with the letter ‘B’ on them to signify that they were boiled.

“So my brother David and I mischievously took two raw eggs out of the carton and put a ‘B’ on them.

“Unfortunately, Mama went to crack them, thinking they were boiled.”

Keith says this was also unfortunate for the two boys...

-- Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville, recalls the old practice of “egg knocking:”

“Decades ago in Opelousas we used to dye both boiled and raw eggs.

“The raw ones were marked so only unsuspecting friends would get them.

“We then crushed them in their hands with the boiled eggs.

“It became a widespread practice, and finally stopped when everyone learned to spin the eggs on the table before knocking.

“The boiled ones spin like a top and the raw ones just wallow around.”

Choir memories

Former Baton Rougean Jane Sciortino, now in Daytona, Florida, found a vinyl record with a Baton Rouge connection at a garage sale, and wonders who recalls it.

It’s a 1966 performance by the East Baton Rouge All Parish Choir, with Warner Imig the guest conductor.

Jane thought it might be fun to see how many people around here were in that choir and remember that recording.

Worthy causes

Every Wednesday in April, Baskin-Robbins ice cream stores in Baton Rouge, Baker and Denham Springs will donate a portion of their proceeds to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease research. You can also donate through the “Movers and Shakers” support group website, www2.michaeljfox.org/goto/moversandshakers.

Special People Dept.

Genevieve “Jenny” Catanzaro Valenti celebrates her 91st birthday on Wednesday.

Facing danger

Melanie Barnett, of Springdale, Arkansas, is the daughter of Algie Petrere, longtime contributor to this column.

Melanie says she and her mom liked this story:

Two cops call their sergeant on the telephone.

“Hello, Sergeant?”


“This is Officer LeBlanc. We have a case here. A woman has shot her husband for stepping on a floor that she had just mopped clean.”

“Have you arrested the woman?”

“No, sir.”

“Why not?”

“Well, sir, the floor is still wet...”

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