Jim Douglas says, “The radio article in your column brought to mind the disc jockey at WWL radio in the ’50s or ’60s whose ‘grandmother’ would visit him (he was the grandmother). The show was a real comedy.

“Once a week, a gentleman by the name of Cerio would call the station and sing. He had a great tenor voice that sounded operatic.

“On one particular Friday, Cerio phoned the station and started singing his ‘song of the week.’

“About halfway through the sing, Cerio stopped.

“The disc jockey asked him why, and Cerio replied, ‘People are laughing at me.’

“ ‘Nonsense,’ said the disc jockey. ‘You have a beautiful voice; they have no reason to laugh at you. Where are you, anyway?’

“Cerio replied, ‘In a phone booth on the corner of Canal and St. Charles.’ ”

(Note to youngsters who don’t know what a “phone booth” is — ask your grandparents.)

The littlest historian

“Every day in our house is an interesting day,” says Corey delaHoussaye.

“One day after school, my 9-year-old son gets in the car (after getting through the mob of soccer moms) and tells me he had an interesting day.

“I asked what was so interesting about his day, and this was the reply:

“ ‘Well, I was given the name of a president to look up in the library. You know, the guy who was useless. So I looked all over the library for the useless president and couldn’t find him anywhere.’

“I said, ‘Which useless president was it?’

“He says, ‘You know, Useless S. Grant.’

“He followed with, ‘But he wasn’t as hard to find as John Quilted Adams.’ ”

Got masks?

Sydney Harris, after reminding me that we both performed in Baton Rouge’s “Nutcracker” back in my ballet days, tells me she’s looking for Carnival masks for a Jan. 26 “Midnight Masquerade” party in Utah in connection with the Sundance Film Festival.

The party is put on by the Louisiana International Film Festival & Mentorship Program and features Louisiana music, food and drink.

Sydney’s now an actress in Los Angeles, but she’s taking time to help her home state in this effort. She’s at sydneyharris212@gmail.com.

Looking for people

Volunteers are needed for the Attic Trash & Treasure Sale by Inner Wheel of Baton Rouge, on March 6-8 in the old Mervyn’s at Cortana Mall. Contact Cynthia Galmon at cynthiagalmon@yahoo.com or (225) 603-0744.

To donate items, contact Kayley Williams at kwilliams@fhfgbr.org or (225) 216-7474.

The main charity this year is Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge.

Friendship Force of Baton Rouge seeks folks who want to go on the April 8-15 trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, for $225 plus transportation. Attractions include a drive on a NASCAR track and a visit to a winery — hopefully in that order. Contact Trudy Ivy at (225) 933-0273 or tivy7@cox.net.

Special People Dept.

Bea Haydell celebrates her 103rd birthday on Sunday.

Carmen Wood, of Ollie Steele Burden Manor, celebrates her 100th birthday on Saturday. She is originally from Nashville, Tennessee.

On Saturday, Harvey Dupuy, of New Orleans, celebrates his 95th birthday, and he and wife Dorothy celebrate 70 years of marriage.

Beverly Belle Bergeron Braud celebrates her 91st birthday on Sunday.

John Benjamin Landry celebrates his 90th birthday on Friday. A native of Garyville, he is a World War II veteran, serving as an Army sniper in Africa and Italy. He retired after 35 years as a boilermaker at Delta Tank in Baton Rouge.

On Saturday, Juanita Tassin, of Bordelonville, celebrates her 90th birthday.

Carbett and Beverly Marchand Bercegeay, of Gonzales, celebrate 60 years of marriage on Friday.

L.J. and Annette Zeringue celebrate their 55th anniversary on Friday.

R. Wayne and Trudie M. Attuso celebrate their 50th anniversary on Friday.

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer: “Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice!”

A simple question

Algie Petrere reports on this conversation by a couple of her friends:

Jill: “I just don’t understand the attraction golf holds for men.”

Mary: “TELL me about it! I went golfing with my husband one time, and he told me I asked too many questions!”

Jill: “Well, I’m sure you were just trying to understand the game. What questions did you ask?”

Mary: “I thought I asked legitimate questions — like, ‘Why did you hit the ball into that lake?’ ”

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