Patricia Alba, of Metairie, continues our discussion of sports announcers:

“My favorite radio announcer is WWL’s Jim Henderson.

“On one occasion in the ’90s when the Saints were trailing during the final moments they suddenly rallied with a spectacular play and won the game.

“Jim, overcome with emotion, shouted, ‘There IS a God!’”

Call him Mister

Gene Dartez says, “There is a quaint tradition in Baton Rouge, and possibly other places, of addressing one’s elders by their first name, preceded by Mr. or Miss.

“My young childhood was in south Louisiana, where we were taught to say Mr. Hebert or Mrs. Broussard.

“My teen years were in southeast Texas, where we would say Mr. Cox or Mrs. Allison.

“But here in Baton Rouge almost everyone younger, except friends and relatives, calls me Mr. Gene.

“My wife and I came to Baton Rouge shortly after our first child was born, and raised our children during the 1960s and 1970s in an idyllic neighborhood on Menlo Drive.

“The neighborhood children addressed the adults on the street as Mr. Fred and Miss Sarah, Mr. Red and Miss Tot, Mr. Barney and Miss Norma, Mr. Jerry and Miss Cecilia.

“That seemed to work well for everyone except me.

“One little girl had trouble remembering my name, and to her I became Mr. Maureen.

“I love it; you can’t buy that kind of respect.”

Whose Ami?

Mary in Walker says, “When my daughter Annie was about 4 years old, we lived in various cities in Florida, but never Miami.

“One day we told her we were going to Miami, and she said, ‘I don’t want to go to your Ami, I want to stay home.’

“Took a few years for her to understand, it wasn’t my Ami, but Miami.”

A place to perch

John Torbert says problems with aggressive hummingbirds trying to hog feeders may be solved with perches.

“In 1952 we built in Inniswold subdivision, and we presumed we were in the flyway, because we guesstimated that we were feeding about 200 birds (we fed two gallons of sugar water a day).

“We found that putting perches on the feeders helped keep down the fighting.”

Good rockin’

Lenny Capello says Randy (Russell) Civello will be inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame at the 15th annual “Original Rockers Reunion” at Club Coozan on Sunday, Oct. 26, at 5 p.m.

Randy will be honored for his “50 years of contributions to the Baton Rouge music scene.”

He led or played with such bands as The Angels, The New Breed, Bah Humbug, Catch 22, etc.

Bingle bling

“Bingle Fan Beth” says, “I hope one of your readers will remember ‘Les Richesses de la Louisiane’ on Oct. 26, 1997, an event associated with Maison Blanche.

“I have a Mr Bingle Christmas ornament from that time, and I can’t remember the special occasion.

“The ornament is a clear shape of Louisiana with Mr. Bingle, the event name and Maison Blanche logo.”

Hunger games

Basil Hendry says, “Back in the early ’60s, Morley’s Marina, in Back Brusly, advertised ‘All you can eat boiled crawfish for $3’ on Fridays, starting at 3 p.m.

“We’d bring our whole fraternity over from LSU and stay ’til closing.

“Guess they thought they’d make up the difference in root beer sales.

“Evidently not — the next season, I don’t think they even opened the doors!”

Which reminds me

In my college days, a bar on the Amite River used to advertise “Free supper” ever so often.

Naturally we poor students at the LSU Journalism School went out to take advantage of the offer.

The supper was an excellent fish court bouillon — but there was a catch.

While the supper was advertised for 6 p.m., it wasn’t served until after 9 — and it was very highly seasoned.

So we wound up drinking so much root beer that we quickly figured out the “free supper” cost more than a steak dinner at Bob & Jake’s.

The littlest theologian

Danny Brown says, “Some years ago, just before dismissing a Sunday School class I taught, I gave a simple quiz about that day’s lesson.

“All the kids were about the third grade level, so their level of retention was limited, to say the least.

“My first question was, ‘What were the final three words Jesus said on the cross?’

“A kid we called ‘Pee Wee’ shot up from his seat with his hand waving frantically:

“‘Mr. Danny, Mr. Danny, I know!’

“I said, ‘OK, Pee Wee, what’s the answer?’

“He shot back in a loud Southern accent, ‘Forrgivve and forrgitt!’

“My laughter was so uncontrollable, I had to dismiss class immediately.”

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