Fall’s in the air and that means fun and football. It’s time to start sorting through your favorite recipes. Even if you don’t go to the games, make something special to enjoy as you watch the game on TV either at home or with friends. I like looking at new recipe ideas, especially grilled vegetable suggestions, but I always manage to throw in some of those time-tested goodies.

If you want your family or guests to think you’ve been slaving away, serve tidbits, hot from the oven, wrapped in “dough.” The cream cheese dough recipe is pressed into mini-muffin cups and that “bit of dough” can hold anything from a blue cheese filling to sautéed shrimp.

With a package of rolled out pie dough, serve tasty mushroom mini-pielets. The chopped fresh mushrooms filling is similar to French duxelles.

Olive lovers never turn down Golden Nuggets, which are black or green olives encased in cheesy dough. All of these recipes are simple and the dough can be made up ahead of time if you prefer. Any of the leftover fillings can be spread over thinly sliced French bread and baked.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at food@theadvocate.com.