Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- Curry Kix Mix, for 'What A Crock.'

Homemade snacks are just as popular with those on the go as they can be with young moms, something I’ve thought back on as we approach another Mother’s Day. I often see young mothers digging through their purses or a tote in search of something to sooth a troubled youngster, something I can remember myself doing in years past.

Today, I take my homemade snacks on the road and munch on the way, feeling better about what I am eating.

While I am no longer soothing troubled youngsters, it is comforting during a road trip to have something easy to reach, especially if any of the travelers have trouble with car sickness. Snacking isn’t always bad. Homemade snacks control at least some of the ingredients, but economically, cooks can make a pretty good sized batch of snacking stuff for much less than the pre-packaged alternatives.

Follow the same rule as last week’s granola recipe in that once you reach a certain point in the cooking process, remove the slow cooker’s lid and turn to high, stirring often to dry the ingredients.

This one is a very simple recipe, not many ingredients, but tasty in its simplicity. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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