Julaine Schexnayder, of New Iberia, has evidence that youngsters are getting computer-savvy at even younger ages:

“I got a frantic phone call Saturday morning from my daughter Claire, who is one of my Facebook friends:

“ ‘Are you all right?’ she asked.

“I said, ‘Of course I am, Claire. Why?’

“ ‘Well, I am receiving many, many Facebook messages from you! A hundred smiley faces! Are you having a stroke?’

“That’s when I looked around the corner and saw Ava, 4, my great-granddaughter, using my iPad to click on ‘smiley faces’ one after another!

“I don’t know how to do that! Guess she will have to teach me. …”

(I know what you mean, Julaine — Lady Katherine’s cat, Shadow, who likes to lie across her laptop, sent out a message the other day consisting of a line of Z’s, which must have confused whoever got it. Not that I’m comparing your great-granddaughter to a cat, of course. …)

Lose those blues

Steven Y. Landry was amused to pass by “The Blues Room” bar on Lafayette Street in downtown Baton Rouge and notice that they had a sign promoting “Happy Hour.”

Dad’s surprise

Faye Hoffman Talbot, of Jackson, says just before Father’s Day she came across an email about a “Father’s Day 2014 Sale!”

It told how you could “Surprise dad with an awesome new vacuum!”

Faye says, “I would love to see Dad’s face when he unwraps the gift of a vacuum.”

(And I’m not sure Mom would be thrilled to get one for Mother’s Day, either. …)


I just got a reminder about a favorite restaurant, Rocky & Carlo’s in Chalmette, where I once was served TWO veal parmigianas with marinara sauce OVER a platter of macaroni and cheese. (I was able to eat again several days later. …)

Keith Horcasitas was dining on the crab cakes with a Dixie longneck the other day when “I heard some playful bantering going on by a couple at the bar:

“The lady asked, ‘Why are husbands like lawn mowers? They are difficult to get started, and then they don’t work half the time!’ ”

Meaty topic

George Francke, of Broussard, says the problem with roast beef po-boys these days is that “hardly anyone roasts their own beef, but instead uses the pre-cut deli beef. Not the same!

“The best ‘sloppy roast beef’ po-boys were served by Mrs. Hazel Bienvenu at the J&R Restaurant in Arabi in the ’50s.

“She roasted her own beef, stuffed with garlic, and made her own gravy.

“These were six-napkin sandwiches. The gravy dripped down your arms.”

Pet Peeve Dept.

Steven R. Winkler’s pet peeve involves people who don’t use the sidewalks, but instead walk in the road.

He’s talking about Kenilworth Parkway, but I’ve noticed the same thing in Spanish Town, which has plenty of sidewalks.

Remember when … ?

Evelyn M. Edwards says, “While cleaning out my attic (in my home of 37 years) in preparation for some badly needed replacement insulation, I ran across a framed, somewhat faded picture of approximately (lost count at some point) 125 men and women who apparently were former employees at Kean’s Cleaners.

“This distinguished group is posed in front of a building with ‘Kean’s Inc.’ on one line and “Baton Rouge La. Aug. 27-1930’ on the next.

“The photo company was ‘O’Dell Photo Hollywood.’ ”

She’s at (225) 355-4046 if anyone wants to know more about the photo.

Evelyn added, “Smiley, I think I recognized you in the lower left-hand corner.”

(No, Evelyn, that was some other handsome lad. …)

Special People Dept.

Nellie F. Morgan celebrates her 92nd birthday on Tuesday.

A ride and lagniappe

John Torbert continues our seminar on hitching a ride:

“The year was 1946. I had just been discharged from the Army, and took a bus to New Orleans.

“Anxious to see my wife in Baton Rouge, I got on the road and stuck out my thumb.

“A kind gentleman picked me up and brought me to Baton Rouge.

“When he discovered that my wife was there but I had never lived there, he gave me a tour of the city before taking me to the house.

“And thus began many happy years in Baton Rouge. …”

Cool customer

Tony says, “Another hitchhiking story involves a well-known guy from Donaldsonville.

“He didn’t drive, but thumbed his way everywhere.

“In fact, people said he was like Coca-Cola — ‘everywhere.’

“His particular quirk was that if you stopped to pick him up while he was thumbing, his initial question was, ‘Do you have air conditioning?’

“If you didn’t, he would send you on your way, and usually beat you to the destination!”

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