Mommy, Momma, Mom, Mother. Whatever you call her, she’s the woman who kissed all your boo-boos and made them better, bandaged your skinned knees, baked your birthday cakes, cried with you over your first broken heart, got the corsage for your prom date … you get the picture. And today is her day.

The Advocate asked the students in Darlene Johnson’s kindergarten and Prudence Spooner’s first-grade class at Westdale Heights Academic Magnet School to share with us what makes their moms so special. Here’s what they had to say:

“Roses are red, violets are blue. There is no other mommy like you. Bear hugs and kisses to show how I feel. I thank you helping me with my homework. Thank you for what you have done for me.” — Joanna Fang, kindergarten.

“My mom is special because she takes care of my brothers and me. My mom is caring and she always picks me up when I get hurt. When I fall down, she is always there to put a Band-Aid on my cuts and bruises. My mom is beautiful because she always wears a cute dress and cute shoes. My mom is funny because she always tells silly jokes that makes me laugh. That’s why my mom is special to me.” — Sarah Tyson, first grade.

“Whin my mom tickols me it makes me laf and I like it. My mom has short hayor and she is prittee. I love her and she loves me. Whin I visit her I sleep with her.” — Olive Young, kindergarten.

“My mom is special because she is beautiful inside and outside. She wears fancy clothes that I like. She works very hard as a teacher and mom. She also is very helpful because one time I got stuck on a math problem and she helped me get through it. She is the best mom in the world.” — Bailee René Butler, first grade.

“My mom buys me clowes and my mom cooks good food. My favorente food is all the food my mom makes and I love my mom and my mom loves me. There is no mom beter.” — Sophia Decomannond, kindergarten.

“My mom is special because she cares for me when I am hurt. She is honest because she never lies. She teaches me how to act in public. She is very helpful to my neighbors by cooking for them. She is very encouraging when I am playing basketball because she always says good job. She is very patient with my family and me. I like my mom so much because she is hardworking by buying or cooking our family’s food, that’s why my mom is the best.” — Sawyer Warren, first grade.

“My mom tucks me in and she likes to tack me plasis and tack me git me a gril chees sewish and I like it. I love is when she gave a kiss.” — Craig Holmes, kindergarten.

“I love my mom cus she give me kisess and hugs.” — Daverin Geralds, kindergarten.

“My mom is special because she is very nice. She loves me and won’t let anything happen to me. She also makes me laugh by pretending she is the ticklemonster and by chasing me in my house. She helps me with my homework by pointing out my mistakes. That’s why my mom is special to me.” — Zoe Clair Hillis, first grade.

“I love my mom because she works very hard and bring me fun places.” — Alex Smith, kindergarten.

“Mom cooks me mac and chese and I love mac and chese, and it is my favorite thang in the whole wolde.” — Olivia Derbigny, kindergarten.