The all-American hot dog may be king of the grill and they can certainly be cooked in lots of different ways, but don’t leave out the slow cooker, especially for Labor Day festivities.

If the grill is full of ribs, chicken or hamburgers, utilize the slow cooker for a package of hot dogs and let your imagination take flight. Add onions, brown sugar, soy and Worcestershire sauce to liven up or add a new flavor choice.

In this case, I have opted to lightly cook the onions on the stove-top, just until they are limp. Since the onions will need a little more slow cooking than the hot dogs, this was a way to ensure that the onions were a bit more cooked going in.

You can just as easily cook the hot dogs with a favorite salsa or chili.

Explore the possibilities and you might just get a new favorite out of the experiment.

Cook the hot dogs on low for just a couple of hours and enjoy an old-fashioned hot dog with a non-traditional twist.

Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at