Mike Lukacin gives us a lesson in geography, south Louisiana style:

“Years ago, while eating at Mike & Tony’s on Airline, I learned that the family name of the owners was D’Amico.

“Having gone to school with a D’Amico back in Pennsylvania, I asked one of the grandsons if they had any relatives in the North.

“His response: ‘I think we have some up in Shreveport.’”

Share the wealth

Russ Wise, of LaPlace, tells how a Texas restaurant promotes random acts of kindness:

“On the way to the airport last weekend after a visit, our son T.J. took us to brunch at a restaurant called The Social House, in Fort Worth’s trendy 7th Street district.

“As we left, something unique happened. A restaurant staffer met us at the door and gave ME money — a red envelope containing a note and $2. This is what the note said, slightly edited for brevity:

“‘We at The Social House thank you for coming to our establishment and can’t wait to see you again. There should be 2, 5, 10, or 20 dollars in your envelope. We please ask that you give it to someone in need because the world has so many problems and we can all make it better one person at a time.”

The note went on to say that the money could go to “your favorite charity or a homeless individual,” and asks that you add to the money.

It concludes, “Please email us at maketheworldbetter@socialhouseadddison.com, as we would love to hear your story.’

“We haven’t replied yet,” says Russ, “because we haven’t decided who should get their money — and ours. Maybe you have a suggestion. If we follow it, we’ll add your name when we email our reply.”

(Great idea, Russ. May I suggest The Home for Indigent Columnists?)

No excuse!

(Thanks to The Advocate’s seasoned political observer, Lanny Keller, for this enlightening report.)

“In Louisiana, there are only two sports — LSU football and politics.”

That quote from years past, cited by Mike Henderson, research prof at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communications, in his “Louisiana By the Numbers” blog, leads to this question: “What happens when those two sports collide?”

This is significant because on Saturday, election day, LSU plays a home game against Western Kentucky.

Mike points out that in 2007 and 2011 we had gubernatorial primary elections and LSU home games, and he found that in East Baton Rouge Parish, turnout was 8.9 percent lower than normal.

But he reminds us that “neither 2007 nor 2011 was particularly competitive. In fact, Bobby Jindal was the clear front runner.”

Mike maintains that it’s lack of competition rather than the LSU game that depresses turnout. (And there appears to be plenty of competition in the race for governor.)

“So, enjoy the game Saturday,” says Mike, “but don’t expect to use it as an excuse for not voting!”

Special People Dept.

Peggy Wooldridge celebrates her 96th birthday on Sunday, Oct. 25.

Iris Lejeune, of Amber Terrace Assisted Living in Baton Rouge, celebrated her 93rd birthday on Oct. 9.

Estelle Smiley, of Pride, celebrates her 92nd birthday on Friday, Oct. 23.

Ethel Mae T. Pollard celebrated her 92nd birthday on Thursday, Oct. 22.

Mary Hill, of Amber Terrace Assisted Living, celebrated her 90th birthday on Oct. 10.

What’s that sound?

Shirley Fleniken says, “My sister Margie Dale, her daughter Dara and I were dining at Las Palmas on Highland Wednesday evening.

“During a conversation, my sister said, ‘This is going to have to come to a halting screech!’”

Freudian slip

Errol K. says, “A few summers ago, my family and I were at the beach house in Florida. My wife was making sandwiches for the day at the beach.

“She asked me if I wanted cheese on my sandwiches. I said, ‘Yeah, a slice of Panama Jack.’

“She laughed and said, ‘You mean pepper jack?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, that’s the one!’”

Unfancy pants

Several alert readers have pointed out that in a recent item on 1956 LSU dress codes, the words “petal pushers” were used to describe banned attire for women students. The readers seemed to believe that this was a mistake, and that it should have been “pedal pushers.”

As regular readers of this column know, we do not make “mistakes.” Sometimes we will deliberately slip in a “mistake,” just to see if you’re paying attention.

But in this case, no error was made. “Pedal pushers” are knee-length pants designed for lady bike riders. “Petal pushers” are those old grubby pants ladies wear when working in their flower gardens.

Your apology is accepted...

Contacting Smiley

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