Cornelia Weldon tasted these simple Strawberry Sandwiches at a meeting years ago. The next day she made up her own strawberry sandwiches and tried them out on her children. They have been a favorite of the family ever since. Make a tray of these for your next meeting, shower, graduation, summer party or pool party.

The bottom sandwich piece is spread with sweetened cream cheese, then it’s topped with sliced strawberries and capped with the second bread piece that has a light spread of cream cheese on the side touching the strawberries. Garnish the tops if you want to with a small piece of strawberry and mint, or garnish the plate with a few whole strawberries and a mint sprig.

You can cut the white bread into any shape, such as triangle or quarters. Weldon looks for a nice square loaf. She does use the thin sandwich loaf when she can find it. I used a small biscuit cutter to cut rounds that eliminated me having to remove the crust. These little sandwiches are delicious whether plain or fancy.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at