A comment about drivers who are quick on the horn got numerous responses from folks who have problems with their fellow motorists. Here are two:

Paul Major says, “I would like to make a small correction to Dudley Lehew’s definition of a ‘split second.’

“It’s that interval of time from when the traffic light turns green in front of you and the JERK behind you starts honking!

“Equally as annoying are the ones who almost run up your rear end when the light turns green, because their goal is to go from a stop to 10 miles per hour above the speed limit in as short a distance as possible — before coming to a halt at the next stop light.”

Doug Johnson, of Watson, offers this theory:

“Dudley Lehew’s comment about the time interval between a green light and a honk reminded me that there are many more of those honks taking place nowadays.

“This problem started getting worse with the advent of cellphones. Logic tells me there must be some connection.”

Give ’em shelter

Faye Talbot says she had the TV on but wasn’t watching the news, so she was surprised to hear that 20 new shelters were planned for cats:

“I thought, ‘That doesn’t make much sense — what about dogs?’

“Since this got my attention, I turned around to see what was going on and realized CATS (Capital Area Transit System) is planning 20 bus shelters.

“Those are probably needed more than 20 cat shelters. That is how rumors get started.”

Double your fun

Jess Johnson says our mention of Sunday lunch at the late lamented downtown Piccadilly reminded him of this story of his childhood in the 1930s:

“Some Sundays, after attending First Baptist Church, my parents and I would go to the Piccadilly with their friends Dean James B. Trant and Mrs. Trant (he was dean of the LSU College of Commerce).

“I would always maneuver myself right behind Dean Trant in the cafeteria line, because I noticed he always put two pieces of pie on his tray. I knew I could do the same and my father would not say anything disapproving.

“My wife and I still enjoy lunch at the Piccadilly, and I sometimes take two pieces of pie just for old times’ sake.”

Too bad, kids

Chet Hingle, of Prairieville, says when he and his wife go on a trip, he is sure to bring back something for their offspring:

“We travel quite a bit, and everywhere we visit I always buy a local T-shirt so, after I’m gone, my kids will know where I spent their inheritance.”

Powerhouse days

Robby Zeringue says stories about the old days at Istrouma High School “reminded me of an interview with Bum Phillips when he was coaching the New Orleans Saints.

“The interviewer asked about his toughest coaching job of his career.

“The anticipated answer was his stint with the Houston Oilers, but he said the one that stuck in his mind the most was in the mid-’50s, when he was the coach of Nederland High School in Texas.

“He said there was this school from Baton Rouge coached by a man they called Big Fuzzy Brown that gave him the biggest challenge of his career.

“Today when someone asks me where I went to school, I always answer, ‘I went to the University of North Baton Rouge — Istrouma.’ And I always get an understanding nod.”

Worthy causes

Judith Williams Reedy says the Children’s Advocacy Center-Hope House in Covington benefits from the 12th annual Mad Hatter Party Sunday, June 22, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Northlake Christian School’s gym. Tickets are available at www.cachopehouse.org and also at the door.

Special People Dept.

  • Margaret Alexander, formerly of Niagara Falls, Canada, celebrates her 99th birthday on Saturday, June 21. She walks the American Cancer Society Relay For Life yearly.
  • Frances Levine celebrates her 95th birthday on Saturday, June 21.

    Adolphe Amedee, formerly of Rosedale, visiting there from Arkansas, celebrates his 95th birthday on Sunday, June 22. He is one of four brothers who served in World War II.

    John W. Beck celebrates his 90th birthday on Friday, June 20. He is a World War II veteran.

    Leon Braud was 90 on May 13, an event his family and friends will celebrate on Saturday, June 21.

    Theresa and Bertis Robert celebrate 70 years of marriage on Friday, June 20.

    Charleen and Charles D. Precht Jr., of Iota, celebrate their 50th anniversary on Saturday, June 21.

A chilling tale

Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, says back when very few cars had air conditioning, his friend Thibodeaux, a farmer, hitched a ride with a traveling salesman driving a big Packard:

“The car was air-conditioned, and the driver had it turned up to the hilt.

“After a short distance, Thibodeaux told the driver, ‘Stop, let me down. The wind has turned north; I have to go back to plant my beans!’ ”

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