On Saturday night, as I watched the telly waiting for LSU-McNeese game updates, I wondered why Lady Katherine was laughing as she checked her laptop.

Turns out she was reading tweets about the game delay on the Twitter site of Advocate sports writer Ross Dellenger.

His followers started out asking serious questions, and getting serious answers, about the delay, but as the night wore on things got a bit weird.

Fan: “What are the real chances of LSU getting a game played?”

Ross: “The same chances as me finding booze in the press box. It’s not completely out of the question.”

Fan: “Did you know they were out of lemonade in the southwest corner ground level pre-game?”

Ross: “No, but thanks for the update.”

Fan: “Any delicious food in the press box?”

Ross: “There were beans earlier, but I had a pebble in my beans and nearly lost a tooth.”

The questions continued: Favorite pizza toppings? Mushrooms and Canadian bacon. Favorite “Seinfeld” episode? “The Dinner Party.” (The one about the search for a chocolate babka.) Favorite “Seinfeld” quote? Kramer’s “Giddyup!”

Just before the game was canceled there was this one: “Where do babies come from?”

Lady Katherine supplied the answer: “A rainy night in south Louisiana.”

Call a lawyer!

The above-mentioned Lady K posed an interesting question Sunday morning:

“If you had 0-0 on the LSU-McNeese football board, do you win the whole thing, even though the game wasn’t played to completion?”

No exit

Sibby Bourgoyne says, “A recent story about Navy boot camp reminded me of my own time spent in San Diego.

“It was not a physically demanding schedule, but some recruits did seem to have a hard time coping with the military regimentation.

“Our company commander, a career enlisted man with many years of service, did not have a lot of sympathy with the complainers.

“He would always point to the Marine recruits across the fence, next to our drill field. They were not just marching, but were always running, doing pushups or beating each other with pugil sticks.

“He cautioned us not to jump that fence if we thought of escaping. He said, ‘The Marine recruits would just beat you up and throw you back over the fence.’”

Wide load

Photographer John Musemeche says his bad hip didn’t keep him from shooting pre-season football team photos this summer.

His doctor prescribed a walker with a seat that enabled him to have the mobility he needed for his job.

John says, “When I noticed that the walker seemed to have an unusually wide seat, I asked the doctor about it.

“He replied, ‘Growth potential.’”

Before Photoshop

Another photographer story:

“In the late ’80s, I covered a large gas well fire in the swamp south of Sorrento,” says Rhett Bourgeois.

“I had never had a front-page shot in The Advocate, so this was my chance.

“I developed the film in Gonzales and found that my Canon had under-exposed many shots, not leaving much to choose from. I had shot some of exhausted firemen sitting next to each other, with one smoking a cigarette (a fire chief chewed him out for smoking).

“This group shot was one of the few properly exposed ones, so I brought the negative to The Advocate, after cutting the cigarette out of my print.

“I made the top of the front page the next day, and got a call from my mom fussing about the lit cigarette in the photo (the negative had more than I knew). I still had my moment of fame.”

Special People Dept.

— Dimple Spragio, of Addis, celebrated her 95th birthday on Friday, Sept. 4.

— Lucy “Baba” Buchart celebrates her 95th birthday on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

— J.G. and Montez Dunaway, of Greenwell Springs, celebrate 68 years of marriage on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

— Julaine and Isby Schexnayder, of New Iberia, celebrate their 53rd anniversary on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Thought for the Day

From Shirley Fleniken: “Life is too short to be serious all the time. So if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me and I’ll laugh at you.”

One tough bride

Francis Celino, The Metairie Miscreant, says, “I saw a sign on a dry cleaners in Metairie that said ‘SUEDE LEATHER WEDDING DRESSES.’

“That sounds like my kind of woman.”

(Yeah, she’d smell like the interior of a new car...)

Singing in the rain

After the LSU-McNeese almost-game, Tookie Hendry came up with a suggestion for a new LSU fight song; one that only folks our age will recall: Lou Christie’s “Lightning Strikes Again.”

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