Better-Than-A-Sloppy Joe _lowres

Advocate file photo -- Better-Than-A-Sloppy Joe sandwiches will be welcoome at any get-together.

These hot Better-Than-A-Sloppy Joe sandwiches are easy to make and great for this time of the year.

If the teenagers are meeting before or after the game, these can be ready and waiting. Another possibility is to bake these sandwiches right before you leave the house; open them up and cut them at the tailgate party. This easy sandwich idea should fit into your plans.

This sandwich is similar to a homemade sloppy Joe but with an Italian flair. Another plus is that with about 2 pounds of ground beef, you can make 14-16 sandwiches, depending on how big you cut them.

The sandwich filling is spread on split loaves of French or Italian bread. Once the sandwich is put together, it’s wrapped tightly in foil and baked until it’s heated through. I serve this with grilled vegetables and fruit on the side.

Instead of flat, wide loaves of bread, like some of the Italian loaves, I prefer those that are narrower with a more rounded top. Some of those come two to a pack. The bread choice is up to you.

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