While many stories about husbands driving off and leaving their spouses at service stations are “urban legends,” there are some true stories about these incidents.

For instance, this one from Kathleen Corsentino, of Baton Rouge:

“My father-in-law, Sam Corsentino, and his wife Evelyn were on the way to the races in New Orleans years ago.

“They stopped at a gas station along the way, and while Sam was filling up the car, Evelyn went to the restroom.

“When she came out, Sam was nowhere to be found!

“The attendant told her Sam had paid for the gas and left.

“After about half an hour, he came back.

“He told her he thought she was in the car when he left.

“Seems he had been talking to her mink coat that was in her seat.

“He had a hard time living that one down!”

The hole truth

Ernie Gremillion, this column’s unpaid golf pro, was the first to answer the question by Norwood Norris, of Gretna, in the Saturday column.

It’s about a ball being knocked into the hole by another ball on both golfers’ first shot:

“That it was not a legal hole in one. Rule 18-5 states that if a ball at rest is struck by another moving ball, the ball struck and moved must be replaced.

“However, had the SECOND ball that struck the ball at rest gone in the hole, it would have counted as a hole in one.”

Historic handles

More entries in our Unusual Door Handle Contest, the oddest such contest I can recall:

— Don Cunningham says, “Shipps Harbor Grill on Canal Road in Orange Beach, Alabama, has cleats for door handles on the bathroom doors — the kind of cleats you use to moor your boat to a dock.”

— Harry Clark, of Lafayette, says, “I was in Rocklin, California, a small town, visiting my brothers, when we went to a bar/restaurant called the Yard Work.

“They told us they had over 127 different beers on tap, offered in glasses, goblets, half yards and yards. The door pulls were in the size and shape of a yard beer glass and made out of polished aluminum.”

— Karen Poirrier, of Lutcher, says, “Of all the creative door hardware I’ve seen, I’ve especially enjoyed the hardware on the doors of our State Capitol, the Saenger Theater, the Roosevelt Hotel, the Blue Room and the President in New Orleans — and as a former educator, Applebee’s ‘half apple.’

“But the door handle I most enjoyed ‘experiencing’ was on the restroom at the Cabin Restaurant in Sorrento.

“This ‘hook-and-eye’ apparatus adorned a cistern structure of weathered boards held together by metal bands. I recalled growing up on Welcome Plantation, and know that this simple apparatus symbolizes a time in Louisiana when all who lived on a plantation, whether in the big house or in a crop-sharer’s Acadian-style cabin, had this same ‘antebellum’ decor on doors in the main house, cottages, barns and outhouses.

“Louisiana is known for its agrarian heritage, and this utilitarian ‘hook-and-eye’ apparatus speaks volumes of that heritage.”

Special People Dept.

— Genevieve Gauthier Floyd celebrates her 92nd birthday on Tuesday, April 21.

— Mervin and Dorothy Medine, of Baton Rouge, celebrated 72 years of marriage on Monday, April 20. Mervin is a World War II veteran who served in the European Theater.

Wrong word!

“My wife just had a mole on her arm tested,” says Marvin Borgmeyer.

“I overheard her call the doctor’s office and ask for the results of her autopsy.”

Tell it like it is

Detta McJunkins, of Plaquemine, says, “One night last week my great-granddaughter Lexie, 5 years old, was spending the night.

“We had just finished supper, and I was cleaning up the kitchen.

“She came up to me and said, ‘Granny, since I finished all my supper, can I have a snack?’

“I told her I don’t have snacks.

“Then she said, ‘Well, can I have some junk candy?’ (remembering I always tell her she eats ‘junk.’)”

Gator 1, Roy 0

Mercedes Doré, of Plaquemine, adds to our seminar on old-time movie cowboys with some disturbing news about one of the most famous:

“My brother, the late Raleigh Ohlmeyer, was a hunter of some renown.

“His interest in hunting was apparent at an early age when, at 3, he told my mother to make a list of people to invite to eat the buffalo he planned to kill.

“My brother and I spent many hours playing cowboys and Indians, watching Dale and Roy, and singing ‘Happy Trails to You.’

“I should not have been surprised, but I was, when Raleigh called a number of years ago to tell me that he had taken Roy Rogers alligator hunting!

“He said I was the only person he knew who would be as excited as he was about the trip.

“Unfortunately, his answer to my most pressing question was disappointing:

“‘No, he is a terrible shot.’

“I have still not recovered from that part of the story.”

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