A classic “only in Louisiana” story:

Val Garon tells of visiting a classmate from Ascension Catholic High at the Veterans Affairs home in Reserve.

He was with two other classmates, and in putting the veteran and his wheelchair in his friend Mike’s SUV to go to lunch, Val hit his head on the tailgate and “suffered a nice gash on my forehead.

“Although blood was streaming down my face, it was just a small cut — no big deal.

“However, it brought back a memory of my 70th birthday party at Lake Verret.

“We were having a crawfish boil, and the cooked crawfish were in a large washtub near the table.

“When I got up to get more, I tripped on something and fell on the tub. My head hit the far side of the tub, leaving a small cut that was bleeding.

“Mike saw what had happened and quickly yelled, ‘Someone help him out of there — he’s bleeding on the crawfish!”

Wardrobe consultant

Since I go in later, I normally get dressed after Lady Katherine leaves for work.

But last week she was home with “walking pneumonia” and had time to observe my attire.

One morning her observations went like this:

“You’re wearing a white shirt? How about the pink one?

“Here, I think this tie goes with that shirt … wait, try this one … no, I like the first one…

“Brown shoes? I don’t think so … black would look much better with those pants.”

I did get her approval on my tan sports coat — and dashed out of the house before she changed her mind…

How sweet it is

For our seminar on the fried potato po-boy, I checked the menu at New Orleans’ legendary Parkway Bakery & Tavern to learn that they not only serve a “Golden Fried Potato Poor Boy” (roast beef gravy optional) but a “Golden Fried Sweet Potato Poor Boy.”

By the way, Parkway is one of the places that have adopted the term “poor boy.”

Thank-you note

Charlanne Cress, of The Plains in Zachary, thanks WBRZ-TV and Baton Rouge Clinic for a special broadcast:

“There was nothing more beautiful sounding or more patriotic than waking up early to hear school children, very proudly, reciting The Pledge of Allegiance on Sept. 11.

“Tears filled this retired teacher’s eyes…”

Musical pool

Keith Horcasitas tells of an elderly gent and how he coped with a disability:

“A few years ago I was talking to one of my disabled clients and he told me how much he was glad to now be able to play pool again

“He sets up chairs around the pool table and kind of does ‘musical chairs’ after taking shots, especially in playing Eight Ball!

“This helps him exercise and have ‘constructive competition’ with his wife — and helps break the ‘cabin fever,’ he said!”

Little but loud

Ellis Schexnayder, of Metairie, says, “My brother-in-law’s daughter Madeline stopped by to see my wife, and was clutching a tiny thing — a Chihuahua.

“It was so small, and its eyes were so big and buggy, I thought it might be a stuffed animal.

“Madeline really cracked me up by telling me that the dog snores so loudly that it wakes her up. What?”

Which reminds me

I was on our front steps the other day when I was buzzed by a hummingbird.

It was one of several drinking from our bush with red flowers — I think my spouse calls it a Mexican fire bush.

The tiny bird circled around my head a few times, then got right in front of my face, so close I could have reached out and touched it.

Finally, satisfied that I had been sufficiently warned, it flew back to the bush and resumed dining.

Its small size, coupled with its attitude befitting an eagle, brought about this thought: hummingbirds are the Chihuahuas of the bird world.

Special People Dept.

— Louise Morris Rushing, of Ventress, celebrates her 90th birthday on Monday, Sept. 15.

— Margie and Harvey Cooper celebrate their 75th anniversary on Monday, Sept. 15.

Battlin’ Barristers

Louis and Claudette Lombardo, of Franklin, used to start the day with “a cup of coffee, the newspaper spread over the kitchen table and the TV tuned to one of the network news shows.

“Recently we have opted to watch one of the Baton Rouge stations instead so we can be up on the happenings and weather in our neck of the woods.

“We’ve noticed that the commercials that are aired during the news and weather are dominated by ‘personal injury’ law firms.

“Sometimes they are back to back, and have adopted catchy phrases and even gone to the extreme of hiring TV judges to plead their causes.

“We figure it’s only a matter of time before the law firms challenge each other to a wrestling match, that might even include tag team events.

“We will stay tuned to see how this comedy routine plays out.”

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