Denton Hatcher's new album is called 'I care a lot less these days,' but don't take that negatively or personally. 

"Look, there's so much stuff going on, and if I get involved with everything, then how am I supposed to live my life happily," the singer-songwriter said matter-of-factly when discussing the new album's title. "Whatever's going on that's a bummer, I don't care. Get it out of here." 

With two albums under his belt, Hatcher got back to basics for his third album. He didn't go to a cushy studio. He didn't hire a band. It was just him in his house with all his instruments and a few friends. 

This weekend, Hatcher will finally celebrate the album's release. (It came out in January and is available through Bandcamp and his website, A release on Spotify is coming soon.) At 7 p.m. Saturday, he performs with More Kaftans at Harvest Moon Listening Room on Florida Boulevard in Baton Rouge. Tickets are $15. 

Forgive the passing of time, but Hatcher doesn't care about the small things that usually occupy the minds of other musicians.

His image? He knows he's a big and loud personality. If people like his songs? "If they do, they do," he said. Being a songwriter in a town full of them? Don't get him started. 

"A songwriter writes a song because it feels good," he said, mentioning names like Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Johnny Cash as figures who come to mind when he thinks of the word "singer-songwriter." 

"I don't write songs and think someone's going to like it and then I'm going to get some money," Hatcher continued. "That's not reality." 

In fact, reality for Hatcher wasn't bright a couple months ago. He was depressed, and one of his only outlets was writing and recording songs. Rather than going to a studio like he did on previous albums, he was content to stick to the lo-fi hiss and demo-type sounds for "I care a lot less these days." 

"It's not the tightest set of songs or music, but it felt organic," he said of his new album. "I've always wanted to put out those old demos because I liked the feel of it. I found an appreciation for messier, more raw recordings." 

Though the album starts in familiar territory with the Jason Isbell-like sounds on "You Ain't Around," Hatcher doesn't mind getting adventurous. "Here to Save Me" features a sitar. The final track, "Dim," is full of crackling, distorted piano, recorded through an iPhone. It's all part of Hatcher's new-found m.o. to release music as is. 

"I wanted to play music and have something that people could hear," he said. "I did it, and I'm just going to move on."

What's next? He isn't entirely sure. He has a "box of old songs" and an entirely new set he's ready to record. He probably won't manufacture any hard copies anymore anytime soon, either. But right now, he is happy, feeling fine and focused. 

"I've seen crowds give a s--- and not give a s---," he said. "I appreciate being able to play, being asked to play and the people I've played with over the years. That's what matters to me." 

Denton Hatcher/More Kaftans 

WHEN: 7 p.m. Saturday 

WHERE: Harvest Moon Listening Room inside Cloud 9 Café, 5700 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge. 

COST: $15 at the door and online at


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