Comedians ‘Raise the Woof’ for pets _lowres

Photo provided by Noelle Harper -- James Uloth

Hailed as the man behind a well-known animal loving comedy tour, Los Angeles-based comedian James Uloth will perform at Spay Baton Rouge’s leg of the national event Raise The Woof - Comedy for a Cause 2015.

Joined by two Baton Rouge favorites — Chase Mayers and returning comic Howard Hall — Uloth will headline the annual fundraiser.

“[Uloth] was unable to make it last year, so we are excited that he is able to make it for our 2015 event,” said Noelle Harper, Spay Baton Rouge’s fundraising coordinator. “He is an avid animal lover as well as a comedian, and he was successful in merging his two passions together to create Raise the Woof, which tours solely to help animal non-profits raise both money and awareness for their cause.”

To its credit, Spay Baton Rouge has spayed and neutered more than 13,000 cats/dogs since 2006, which has helped contribute to the positive impact on impound rates. The area non-profit operates on money from grants, fundraising events and donations from individuals and businesses, and is solely made up of volunteers.

“The money raised at last year’s Raise the Woof event went directly toward spaying and neutering cats and dogs within our program,” Harper said.

The mission speaks directly to Uloth, who said he has always loved animals.

“When I was able to use my passion of stand-up comedy to benefit them it’s really exciting,” Uloth said. “If you have your animals spayed and neuter and pass on that philosophy to others it’s a great help. But at the end of the day organizations like Spay Baton Rouge need money, so if you can donate to them it really goes a long way in helping animals.”

Ultoh’s comic specialty is a combination of storytelling mixed with set-up punchlines. He said he makes observations on every day situations while politely pointing out some of the cultural contradictions that have become the status quo.

“When it comes to events with Raise The Woof, we do a cleaner style of comedy, I typically am a very clean comic so it’s not much of a transition,” he said.

This will be Uloth’s first time performing in Baton Rouge, but he has made a career of touring throughout North America.

According to Spay Baton Rouge’s gathered 2014 statistics, nearly 4,700 dogs and more than 2,600 cats were impounded at East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control. Of those, more than 1,800 dogs and 600 cats were euthanized.

“This is a far cry from the impound and euthanasia numbers in 2006 when Spay Baton Rouge started offering their services,” Harper said. “At that time a total of 9,800 animals were impounded and a staggering 8,200 were being euthanized. Spay Baton Rouge has helped make an impact on the impound rate of animals within our community, along with other animal welfare and rescue groups who advocate spay and neuter as part ot their programs. But as long as animals are being euthanized as a solution to pet homelessness and overpopulation, we will continue to offer our services to help decrease the current numbers even further.”

Spay Baton Rouge is the only animal welfare organization in Baton Rouge to focus solely on offering low-cost spay and neuter services to pets of people who otherwise may be unable to afford this important procedure for their cat or dog.