Virginia Archer loves good stories so much that she spends her free time helping others learn to tell them.

Archer is the director of New South Story Lab, a local nonprofit dedicated to fostering storytelling through writing, filmmaking and other artistic endeavours. To learn more about the program, visit

“I equally adore the literary arts and film,” Archer said, so she decided to combine the two in a “top-five movie rant.”

Here are Archer’s top five films about writers:

1. “Citizen Kane”

If you haven’t seen ‘Citizen Kane’ yet, you simply must. The story is hilariously and frighteningly similar to the Donald Trump campaign.”

2. “Stranger than Fiction”

Most know and love Will Ferrell for his career in the absurd and comedic. But in this film, we get to know Ferrell’s existential, sensitive side, and it’s refreshing and charming.”

3. “Annie Hall”

It’s hard not to include Woody Allen on a favorites list. ‘Annie Hall’ is one of his most charming films, starring Diane Keaton as Annie Hall, a flighty yet charming nightclub singer.”

4. “Being Flynn”

“ ‘Being Flynn’ stars both the sensitive Paul Dano and legendary Robert De Niro in a story about an estranged father and son reuniting at a city homeless shelter. Both father and son are writers, but the two seem to live in totally separate realities. ”

5. “Howl”

For those of you who know James Franco for his offbeat comedies, ‘Howl’ shows off the lesser-known emotional side of the actor. His performance as Allen Ginsberg, the Beat poet and cultural revolutionary, changed how I perceived Franco forever. The movie is a celebration of humanity, poetry and freedom of expression. A must-see for anyone interested in mixing their love of film and the literary.”