Drew Gouvier says, “I saw the headline ‘Guide to the Louisiana Legislature on sale’ and was wondering if that served the same purpose as a merchandise catalog printed at auction houses before a big event?

“If so, where can I get one?”

Instant barbecue

After a nostalgic reader mentioned an overturned Cherry’s Potato Chips truck, and I told of an overturned beer truck that I recalled, I heard from M.A.:

“Do you remember when the chicken truck turned over on Government Street close to the railroad tracks? And what about the cattle truck that turned over on the interstate?”

Just think — what if the chips, beer, chicken and cattle trucks had all turned over at the same time and at the same place?

What a party!

Ode to goobers

Perry Snyder says our mention of black-eyed peas brought memories of a Southern “pea,” the “goober pea” or peanut:

“Goobers were often referred to in the Civil War South as ‘pindars.’ ”

Folk singer Burl Ives, who sang of “Goober Peas,” once stayed in the Snyder home:

“Cindy and I had the pleasure in 1976 of hosting Mr. Ives when he came to Jackson, Miss., for a concert as part of an observance of the Bicentennial of the American Revolution.

“He sang ‘Goober Peas’ that night.”

Perry says A.E. Blackmar of New Orleans published sheet music for “Goober Peas” in 1866:

“With tongue in cheek, Blackmar listed P. Nutt as the composer and A. Pindar as lyricist.”

Encouraging words

Deborah and Kevin Paul have a message for the family of Reid Kiger, the 3-year-old being treated for eye cancer (mentioned in the Jan. 25 column):

“Our son, Kevin Jude Paul II, was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer — ‘retinoblastoma’ — when he was 3.

“During the treatment process, his right eye was removed and he now wears a prosthesis.

“He was seen locally by Dr. Stephen Sessums and treated at Tulane Hospital in New Orleans by Dr. Alan Faulkner.

“Today, Kevin is a bright 18-year-old who graduated from Catholic High and is a freshman at the University of Alabama on a Presidential Scholarship.

“On Wednesday he celebrated 15 years of being cancer free!”

Worthy causes

Connie Renee Boudreaux says Cancer Services needs canes, shower chairs and adult incontinence briefs.

Bring them to 550 Lobdell Ave., from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Call (225) 927-2273 or visit http://www.cancerservices.org.

Senior moment

Nominations for outstanding senior volunteers are open in the “Salute to Senior Service” program of Home Instead senior care network, honoring those 65 and up who give at least 15 hours a month volunteering to their favorite causes.

Nominations will be accepted until March 31. State winners will be selected by popular vote at SalutetoSeniorService.com from April 15 to April 30.

From state winners, a panel picks the national winner.

Home Instead donates $500 to state winners’ favorite nonprofit, $5,000 to the national winner’s charity.

Get nomination forms at SalutetoSeniorService.com. Completed forms can also be mailed to Salute to Senior Service, P.O. Box 285, Bellevue, NE 68005.

Looking for people

Alton Callahan wants to locate the medic at the Naval Air Station Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla., who cared for him while he was recovering from burns for seven months in 1967-68: “I am from Plaquemine and he was from Opelousas. I do not remember his name, but hope I can contact him to thank him.”

Call (225) 545-4361 or email altonc870@cox.net.

Looking for stuff

Bob Jones needs servicing for his 40-plus-years-old Smith Corona Electra 210 portable typewriter. Call (225) 766-3542.

Special People Dept.

  • Lt. Col. Phil A. St.Amant celebrates his 95th birthday Sunday.
  • Milton Rougon of Baton Rouge, formerly of Rougon, celebrated his 91st birthday Thursday.
  • Joseph ”Joe” Matassa Jr. celebrates his 90th birthday Saturday.
  • Lorraine Ayer celebrates her 90th birthday Friday.
  • Nick and Josie Macaluso celebrate their 60th anniversary Friday.
  • Evelyn and Mervin Simoneaux celebrate 55 years of marriage Friday.
  • George and Doris Zeringue celebrate their 50th anniversary Saturday.
  • Jeff and Nelda Rogers celebrate their 50th anniversary Friday.

Sticker shock

Shirley Fleniken saw these bumper stickers recently:

“We’re not old people; we’re recycled teenagers!”

“Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.”

Technology and theology

Marvin Borgmeyer tells what “every priest wants to hear:”

“We especially like your sermons on the website, because we can scroll through them quickly!”

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