The rapidly approaching Thanksgiving holiday led Doug Treadway to send in this bit of poesy:

“Consider the colorful wild tom turkey;

He’s thankful Thanksgiving comes once a year,

But wishes we’d try beef jerky.”

Driven to distraction

“LSU has a secret weapon that they may not know about,” says Cheryl Dixon, of Prairieville:

“Saturday night at Tiger Stadium we were sitting several rows behind the Mississippi State football team.

“During the timeout, the Mississippi State coach was instructing the defensive linemen on the sideline.

“Each time he turned from the team to his chalkboard, in unison the players would turn to watch the Golden Girls and Tiger Band performing in the stands.

“They did this time after time. It was hilarious!”

A matter of priorities

Ruben Martinez says, “I chuckled after reading the tongue-in-cheek question posed to Anne Wong’s Louisiana buddies on Saturday, because I actually posed that question (a bit differently) to a friend, a redder than red Romney supporter and avid LSU fan who resides in Mobile.

“I asked him if instead of Romney, Nick Saban would be running against Obama, whom would he vote for?

“Well, I didn’t see his head spin, not even for a nano-second.

“His immediate response was ‘Obama,’ followed by a true Purple and Gold Bleeder statement: ‘Good gosh, it’s only four more years.’ ”

Musical interlude

“Grampa Hogg” says, “When walking to my daughter’s house, an ice cream truck came by.

“The tune being played was a little familiar, so I stopped and listened. It was ‘Turkey in the Straw.’

“If anyone is interested in the words, it goes:

“ ‘Turkey in the straw and a haw haw haw;

“ ‘Turkey in the hay and a hey hey hey.

“ ‘Rare back, tear back, rip ‘em up a chair back,

“ ‘Hoop e_SSRqem up a coon dog, turkey in the straw.’ ”

Happy returns

Pat Rushing says, “We were headed home from an appointment with a nephrology nurse when we got a cellphone call from that office.

“My husband had missed his pocket with his wallet, and someone had found it and turned it in to the receptionist.

“He didn’t even know he had dropped it!

“Heartfelt thanks to the person who was so honest to see that it was returned to us intact.”

Honoring a culture

The 46th annual Fall Powwow of the Louisiana Indian Heritage Association will be Saturday and Sunday at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales. Hours are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

The “cultural festival” features Native American music, dance, food and craft vendors.

There will be demonstrations of basket making, beading and flint knapping. Call president Lance Harris at (225) 772-1392.

Peanut problems

Ken Duffy says people with peanut allergies find it difficult to locate restaurants that are peanut-free:

“One is Sushi Yama. I confirmed this with the owner, Mr. Oui Wang, and got his permission to let you know about it.”

Ken suggests that The Advocate maintain a database of peanut-free eateries — or when we mention a restaurant, have a symbol (“maybe a peanut in a circle with a line across it”) to indicate it is friendly to people with peanut allergies.

Special People Dept.

  • Shelton LeJeune, of Grosse Tete, formerly of Brusly, celebrated his 93rd birthday Tuesday.
  • Catherine Roscoe celebrated her 90th birthday Monday.

Missing the boat

Kay tells this story about the above-mentioned Catherine Roscoe:

Catherine’s mother was to come to the U.S. at the age of 15, but couldn’t find a sponsor and had to wait until she was 17 to make the trip.

If she had been able to leave England at 15, she would have been aboard a very famous ship — the Titanic.

Aging process

From Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville: “A man knows he is getting old when he has to make all sorts of funny faces just to get a clean shave.”

Vote for a boat

Mercedes Doré says, “My 3-year-old grandson, Jack Dooley, went with his mother to ‘vote for president.’

“Apparently that is not what he heard his mother say.

“The entire time they were standing in line he repeatedly asked, ‘Where is the boat?’

“His mother, confused about why he would think there were boats in a fire station, convinced him there were no boats. “Clearly annoyed, he asked loudly, ‘Well then, where is my present?’

“Jack likes boating, but he is not impressed with the privilege of voting.”

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