Caribbean Jerk Ginger Pork _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Use boneless pork ribs to make Caribbean Jerk Ginger Pork.

Those of you who are frequent readers know that I am a big fan of leftovers. Perhaps it comes from being raised by those impacted by the Depression.

Nothing was wasted, especially not food. If you had corned beef, the leftovers were shredded into a hash; leftover beef was included in a big pot of vegetable soup, and so on.

Cooks of that “certain age” were masters of disguising leftovers even when they weren’t trying. It was creativity via necessity in those days.

Food trends might change through the years, but slow-cooked meats still find their way into second- or third-night dinners. Throw some leftover beef or chicken in a wok with veggies, spoon over rice, and crock to wok is born.

Any leftover pork from this Caribbean Jerk Ginger Pork recipe can be spooned into pocket bread or lettuce wraps for a casual dinner or easy luncheon.

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