“The Jobs for America’s Graduates Program, otherwise called JAG, … has stressed three very important skills necessary to be successful: life survival strategies, communicating effectively and making good decisions. … I am very comfortable asking my JAG teacher questions about life and/or career choices that I might need to know more about so I can have a decent life in the future. As president, I preside over JAG meetings and speak at school programs. … I can truly say, that each time I speak, my confidence increases. … To me, the JAG Program helps to develop and improve the ‘whole’ student, and I know I am blessed and grateful to be a part of it.”

Age: 15

School: Staring Education Center, eight-grader

Parents: Tina Williams and Randy Wilson (both deceased)


Book: The Bluford Series young adult novels from Townsend Press

TV show: “Martin”

Movie: “The Green Mile”

Music: R&B

Hangout: Mall of Louisiana/Cortana Mall and Rave Theaters

Role model: Jesus Christ

Extra: Brandon Wilson said, “My favorite subject is math, but I like P.E. too!” Brandon is the JAG president for the Staring Education Center campus. JAG offers students a variety of counseling, employability skills development, career association, job development and job placement services aimed at helping them graduate and achieve after graduation. Go to http://www.jag.org for more information.

William Taylor

Assistant People editor