This recollection, from Carl Spillman, seems an appropriate way to wind up our discussion of horses ridden by movie and TV Western heroes:

“I don’t remember the horses’ names out of the old Westerns.

“I do remember a few from the Fairgrounds, though.

“Mud Bank Sally is one that comes to mind.

“She was quite content to run dead last every time I bet on her.”

Say what?

Val Garon, of Prairieville, recalls that in “The Rivals,” Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s 1775 comedy, Mrs. Malaprop was so noted for her pronunciation errors that she gave her name to misspoken words.

He says one example is Archie Bunker saying “Clint Westwood.”

Val tells of Mr. Barns, a gent he knew in Fourpoint, below Houma:

“He was the grass cutter/watcher-over for a few of the camps down there.

“He always had a beer in his hand or in his top shirt pocket when working.

“Before I bought the camp, my friend Bobby Dugas and I were asking him about one of the camps for sale.

“He said, ‘Well, in my copinion, that’s a good buy. It has an unimium roof and a nice zink in the kitchen.’

“It had a long stairway leading up, and I almost asked him if a man would have an ‘onion’ (hernia) carrying things up.”

Mr. Malaprop

“I loved to sit down with my dad in the ’40s as he told me stories of how life used to be earlier,” says Sal J. Suer.

“One day he commented, ‘The mos-gettoes are really bad.’

“I said, ‘What was that?’

“He repeated, ‘The mos-gettoes are really bad,’ and I should put some spray on.

“He had a way of naming things a little offbeat.”

Pet memories

Wayne Turner, of Baton Rouge, says, “The recent article on pet buzzards reminded me of my best friend growing up in Plaucheville.

“Roy Firmin had a knack for getting weird pets.

“Since we grew up in the country, we spent a lot of time in the woods.

“One day, Roy captured a young buzzard that apparently had fallen from its nest. He kept it in a cage until it got too big and smelly.

“He also kept a small alligator in a cage in the bayou across the street.

“One day I was cutting our grass and saw something move in the crape myrtles.

“Only when my dad came over with a hoe to roust the critter did I find that young escapee alligators can jump pretty high in the air.

“Fortunately Roy never developed an attraction for snakes. (He passed away way too early in life from injuries he sustained in Vietnam.)”

Music makers

Rob Payer reminds us that Baton Rouge High’s “listener-supported, student-operated radio stations WBRH (90.3 FM) and KBRH (1260 AM) hold their on-air fund drive from Saturday, Sept. 19, through Sunday, Sept. 27. The money we raise keeps jazz, blues, soul, rock and all the great music of Louisiana alive for listeners, and keeps students enrolled in the radio training program.”

The Class Bunny

No, not the kind of bunny you were thinking about — this is a real rabbit.

Teacher Sulynn Ganey, of Denham Springs, says her class has a bunny named Whiskers, “who has free range of our classroom during class but is stuck in a small cage when we leave school.

“If anyone has a fairly large cage that they are not using and wouldn’t mind letting us have it, you would not only make a bunny happy, you would put smiles on the faces of my students.”


Special People Dept.

— Dorothy D. and Bernard P. Pentes Sr., of Metairie, celebrate their 65th anniversary on Thursday, Sept. 17.

— Loralee Kliebert Braud and Lawrence Braud Sr., of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 55th anniversary on Thursday, Sept. 17.

— Raymond and Carolyn Blanchard, of Port Allen, celebrate their 55th anniversary on Thursday, Sept. 17.

Divine deluge?

Joe Guilbeau, of Plaquemine, says the Sept. 5 rainstorm at Tiger Stadium, that ended the LSU-McNeese football game, reminded him of another downpour:

“When Pope John Paul II came to New Orleans, he celebrated Mass at the football field of the University of New Orleans, under a large wooden canopy.

“At the beginning of the service an overwhelming deluge of 5-6 inches fell on the site. I can remember water squirting out of my shoes as I walked.

“Worshipers were heard to say that the pope was punishing us for all the Polish jokes.”

Thought for the Day

From Terri Karam Willett: “At my age, rolling out of bed in the morning is easy. Getting up off the floor is a whole other story.”

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