Sometimes I let the tables full of fresh produce and proteins at the farmers market guide my decisions on our menu for the week. But this week, I was downright determined to make stuffed chicken breasts.

I could just picture them on my plate — little swirls of tender white chicken with smooth green stuffing all drizzled in a light mushroom sauce.

When the picture is so clear and your mouth is almost watering, nothing else will do.

So, while at the farmers market, I bought some fresh chicken breasts from a local farm. I made my way down the sidewalk to another local farm’s table for some goat cheese. A little farther down, I found some freshly picked arugula from yet another local farm.

Just one trip down the sidewalk, carefully inspecting the goods on both sides, and I had the ingredients I needed to create the dish that my brain wouldn’t let me forget.

The sauce to complement these stuffed chicken breasts is a simple white wine sauce. In my opinion, shallots and wine are the peanut butter and jelly of sauces.

I was lucky enough to be gifted some chanterelle mushrooms, which are now in season in Louisiana, to use in this version. However, other wild or domestic varieties would certainly work well.

The lesson here is that when you get a picture of a dish in your mind and you can’t shake it, don’t fight it, find it. Start at your farmers market or local grocery store. Bring those ingredients home and get cooking.