I had company coming and two pounds of crawfish tails. Earlier that morning, I made the Crawfish Boulettes and the Etouffee. My plan was to serve the small Crawfish Boulettes, with a good Tartar or Remoulade sauce as an appetizer and serve the Etouffee with rice for dinner.

We ran out of time and everyone was ready to eat dinner, so we skipped the appetizer and I served the Crawfish Boulettes with the Etouffee. That’s like gilding the lily when it comes to crawfish.

Boulette is a French term for “little balls.” These were made by adding sautéed vegetables, seasoning and herbs to the chopped crawfish tails. Most of the recipes call for deep-frying the Boulettes, but these are baked. I do prefer coarsely chopping the crawfish with a knife instead of putting them in the food processor as I did when I made these. I prefer a little texture.

I served them alongside the Etouffee recipe I make for my family but you can use a stew recipe or any gravy you like with crawfish.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at food@theadvocate.com.