Normally, I go all out for Mother’s Day with a fancy lunch, printed menus and the good china — the whole nine yards. But on Father’s Day, I try to let the dads be. A nice piece of red meat and an uninterrupted golf nap and they are usually happy.

There’s just one problem when it comes to that nice piece of red meat. I must confess, I cannot grill. Well, hold on now, I am sure I can grill because my dad always told me, “I can do anything I set my mind to.” I just haven’t taken the time and set my mind to making friends with the fire-breathing beast.

Because I love a good steak and I don’t want to make my husband or father cook his own Father’s Day dinner, I’m learning to cope with this inadequacy. There are lots of ways to successfully cook steak indoors, and I’m working my way through all of them. Some of my attempts have been better than others, as you can imagine. I’ve only set the fire alarm off once. (My husband has done it twice, so there’s that.)

Along the way, I have made friends with the fire-breathing broiler in my gas oven. Five or six minutes on each side will yield a perfectly brown outside and deliciously juicy pink center of a flat iron steak. Voila! Fajitas or steak salad in no time. Of course, if you like your beef well done, cover your steak with foil and let it broil a couple minutes more. This is a super-simple recipe that can be paired with almost any sauce and served a multitude of ways.

Luckily, I have a nice selection of grape tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and fresh lemon basil in my garden this week. All of these tossed together with a simple oil and vinegar dressing is all you need to complete a nice steak dinner for dad on Sunday, without having to slave over the grill.